Free LINUX download. Where can I get it?

Despite numerous searches, I could not find a place on the web where I could download Linux for free. I have a IBM T30 and I download format the harddrive with Linux. I would appreciate if someone could tell me where I can get it.

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will show you lots of linux distro and link you to the download site

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anyway here are some of the download site   <   Fedora Core   <  centos   <  debian
Additional to the distribution downloads, this is the place for the bare linux download:
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you might like SuSe linux, available for free download here

I recommend slackware for servers.
Anyway, is quite good for finding a distibution to suit your platform, then follow the distribution's site to your nearest mirror.
If you are new to linux i would recommend Mandriva Linux this can be reached by thie URL:

These are FREE downloads.... however if you do like this particular build of linux feel free to contribute to the continued development...

Scroll Down to United States mirrors and select a mirror, its more or less hit or miss with the speed of the mirror as it does tend to vary due to load on that mirror at that moment. With an IBM T30 you want the Mandriva Linux 2006 for x86-32 (i586) version.

I highly recommend you "shop arround" with the different builds of linux, as certain builds work better for certain people. This just happens to be one of my personal favorites for beginners to linux. On sites such as the ones previously mentioned.
mfarid1Author Commented:
I have a IBM T30 laptop which is fairly old. I want to download Linux on my desktop, burn it to CDs and then totally reformat the hard drive of the T30 laptop and install Linux. I need this for Oracle and parallel processing using Datastage. Which site would be the best for what I am trying to do?

Thanks to everyone who responded.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS
SuSE Enterprise Server
OpenSuSE 10

These will definetly work with Oracle (10g). Are you sure, your hardware meets the requirements for installation of oracle? At least 10g needs plenty of RAM....
so prob is the database there i agrre with xof

how old is fairly old?
suse and redhead need at least 256mb ram for installation

check your database and support for linux. i would tend to fedora or suse
mfarid1Author Commented:
I don't need Oracle 10g. I am going to install Oracle 9i single user version. Which linux version would be the best. ALso, I am going to connect remotely.
mfarid1Author Commented:
This is the problem I was talking about. Among all the URLs presented above, I could find Linux easily in only 2 places. One had a 5 CD version with 600Megs each meaning a total of 3 Gig!!! I am trying to download from the other one and it is saying it'll take 1 day and 14 hours. That is on a cable modem!! My only concern is my laptop my not be able to handle an operating system this big.
I will suggest you buy the CD instead of download, since the time you spend may be much more costly then pay some money, it's depend on your choice.

you can install CentOS with the server disk, but you may need the others depend on what you going to install into CentOS.

"install Oracle 9i single user version. Which linux version would be the best."

Many distro can do the job, it's all depend on how many RAM you have.

so how many RAM you have for your T30??

linux can run on 32 - 64MB RAM, depend on what you are going to use. but for Oracle you better have RAM as many as you can, I did try install Oracle into a 256MB RAM dell old P4 desktop, the outcome is very slow, so I install the MySql instead, it's a little better, but not acceptable, finally I buy another new computer which have 2GB RAM and install the Oracle, it's also 9i single user version.

you concern now is whether your T30 can handle the Oracle 9i or not.
> My only concern is my laptop my not be able to handle an operating system this big.

don't be frightened by the size of the distribution set. Most main distributions contain _lots_ of additional software, which you do not need for a server setup. A "normal" server installation, meaning base system plus networking tools plus some daemons you might need plus X11 plus a fairly simple windowmanager (instead of KDE/gnome) will need about 1 gig of disk space...

Note that Oracle 10g only supports the 'commercial' distributions of Linux - THis is hard coded into the installation package.....however, it is possible to get round, if you install a RH Clone:

You need to change the /etc/redhat-release file to read:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 2)

However, next problem is that the RHEL4 distro has removed a number of kernel modules, and will possibly not work on older hardware, especially laptops! If not, then you will need to use a RHEL3 clone, and find the appropriate string for the /etc/redhat-release file. Don't even think about running Oracle 10 with less than 512MB! as you'll be asleep before you can do anything usefull!
The most used and supported by Oracle seem to be Redhat and Suze.
And these are big, 4 or 5 CD's.

Anyone knows if there are (recent) distributions that do NOT work with Oracle 9i?

Ubuntu is small but never tried it with Oracle.
1 install cd only:
Maybe a bittorrent release is faster to download?

Can you tell us specs of your T30? Specifically RAM and Harddisk. The CPU is 1.8 GHz I understand?
you could use ubuntu, which send you CD free of charge

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