Easy way to copy.

Hi Experts,

Just wanted to know an easy way to copy from one Fedora 4 box to another.

I current use SSH to transfer the files...just wanted to know if there was a "network file copy" way to do this and automate it.

I ideally would like to keep the file file1 on BOX1 upto date with the file1 on BOX2.  Can RCP do this?  Any help with maybe an example would be much appreciated.
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rsync will better fit your needs. It's a 'network file synchronization'.
One side will have running rsync server, other will run rsync client when you need to synchronize (eventually or periodically).
rsync may also work over ssh

Here is there site, manuals and examples: http://rsync.samba.org/
also man rsync

Another way - is to share your folder by NFS on BOX2 and to mount it via NFS on BOX1. Then you don't need to synchronize.
man nfs
man exports
or read howto: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/NFS-HOWTO/

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You could make a cron job that runs:

scp root@server.ltd file file if thats all that you want. a small script to transfer files across a network is all that is needed.
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