Please Help Me URGENTLY : Drawing A dynamic Chart

I need a program that give its X,interval, and Y From My Program and
chart for me a diagram?

Best Regards
Hamid Reza
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123456Author Commented:
>>Accept: aikimark
i dont have your idea.
because i need a sample program on that time.not a manual for reading.
if i want to read everything in a few time why i exist in EE.
I know Tchart have manual but i need a Example that cover least of my needs.
i knew some examples exist o demo section but it is so general.

123456Author Commented:
I think you should refund my points.
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> I think you should refund my points.
Then you should have said earlier that the answer of aikimark was not good, and give aikimark a change to reply to that.
( see also and

> because i need a sample program on that time.not a manual for reading.
I think aikimark has given a link to a sample program which fit your needs.
* I might suggest posting a 20-point question in the Delphi TA that includes the URL to this question.  At this point, this question is off the first page and it will draw little attention from other EE experts.

* You ought to clarify what you want/need in greater detail.  I realize that English is probably not your first language, so please be patient with our responses.  If you have problems understanding or following the online help, we probably need to know that as well.

"I need a program" may mean that you need a procedure or an entire project.

"chart for me a diagram?" may limit our responses and suggestions to TChart (or equivalent) solutions.  Maybe you have plotting/graphing in mind.  Also, the "?" makes your sentence a question rather than a description of your problem, so the readers might not have understood this correctly.

* It may also help us to know what your Delphi (and general) programming experience is.  I will often give a very terse response, assuming that it will help a moderate-advanced developer.  As far as I knew, my response had helped you and you were off coding the rest of your application.

I'm currently working on a question-writing helper specification for a future version of  Language issues are one of the known obstacles that hinder efficient communications between question askers and experts.  Until that is in place, cwwkie probably put it best when recommending a dialog when you don't understand or have a problem with one of our suggestions.
123456Author Commented:
i dont think anyone restrict 250 points for a link.
i solved my problems on that time.
i need that response urgently.
he responsed me after one day a link.
i should asked him another resource  and (S)he want response
me another link.

ok when he responsed a link and it is not my desired one.
i did myself it.
and i forgotten to refund my points.
and today see EE mail on my mail-box.

123456Author Commented:
i did that project myself.
i can put it on this thread.
123456Author Commented:
i have another open question that EE notify me.
but i accept that answer. because he helped me completely.
if you add a link about have simple Tchart that not helped me. i cant accept that question.
i  do that with Timage and using points.

  I will often give a very terse response
Terse response have Not 250 points value.

interval in Tchart restrcited with that component not with us.

> Terse response have Not 250 points value.
Maybe it is not, but you have to let the experts know if you expect more. Often only a push in the right direction is needed. Then a simple link is all what is needed. Do not forget you don't give points for the quality of an answer, but to get your problem solved. Otherwise you should post a 100 point question, and if you receive a very good answer, you can always increase the points.

Also look from the other side, aikimark has spend some time on this question. I don't think it is fair to delete this question if the answer looks valid. he did not get a change to give a better answer because he did not know you were not happy with the answer (until now).

> and i forgotten to refund my points.
> and today see EE mail on my mail-box.
There are discussions about automatically sending an email to remind you a question is still open. But some members would call that spam, and I think the current member agreement would not allow such a mail. Until there is a better way, we use this way to clean up old questions.

> i solved my problems on that time.
If you have solved it yourself, the normal procedure is to post your own solution. Then you can ask to refund all or a part of your points. But because it is now in the cleanup process, the situation is a bit different. But I would suggest to post your own solution anyway, so we can look at it.
123456Author Commented:
My final code:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

aryPoints:Array[0..10] of TPoint;
aryPoint:Array[1..10] of TPoint;
// Center
AryPoints[0].x := 40   ;
AryPoints[0].y := 460;
// up
AryPoints[1].x := 40;
AryPoints[1].y := 40;
// left
AryPoints[2].x:=  440;// 580 +20
AryPoints[2].Y:=  460;


with Form2.Image1 do
   // vertical

   // Vertical
   CanVas.TextOut(AryPoints[1].X -5 ,AryPoints[1].Y-10 ,'Reliability');


   CanVas.TextOut(AryPoints[2].x +10,AryPoints[2].y-5,'t(H)');

 X1:=AryPoints[0].x; //:= 40   ;
 y1:=AryPoints[0].y; //:= 420;
 For i:=1 to 10 do
   Canvas.MoveTo(X1,Y1 );
   Canvas.TextOut(X1-25,Y1-8,FloattostrF(i/10,ffFixed,1,1) );


X1:=AryPoints[0].x; //:= 40   ;
y1:=AryPoints[0].y; //:= 420;

 For i:=1 to 10 do
   Canvas.MoveTo(X1,Y1 );
   Canvas.TextOut(X1-8,Y1+8,FloattostrF(i/10,ffFixed,0,1) );

 if strtofloat(Edit3.Text)<0.4 then
 if  strtofloat(Edit3.Text)<0.7 then

 If strtofloat(Edit3.Text)<0.5 then
  case NALL of
  4..6: X:=1-(P[NALL+1].Value+ 0.025)-K;
  9..20: X:=(1-((P[NALL+1].Value))-0.0025)-K;
  if  strtofloat(Edit3.Text)<0.9 then
  Case NALL of
  4..6: x:=1-(p[NALL+1].Value+ 0.016)-K;
  9..20:X:=(1-((P[NALL+1].Value))- 0.0016)-K;
  21..35:X:=(1-((P[NALL+1].Value)) -0.00016)-K;
  36..55:X:=(1-((P[NALL+1].Value)) -0.000016)-K;
    if  Strtofloat(Edit3.Text)<=1 then
    Case NALL of
       4..6: X:=1-(p[NALL+1].Value+ 0.0012)-K;
       9..20: x:=(1-((P[NALL+1].Value))- 0.00012)-K;
       21..35:x:=(1-((P[NALL+1].Value)) -0.000012)-K;
       36..55:X:=(1-((P[NALL+1].Value)) -0.0000012)-K;

 For i:=10 downto 1 do
    if y<400 then


123456Author Commented:
>>Also look from the other side, aikimark has spend some time on this question. I don't think it is fair to delete this question if the answer looks valid. he did not get a change to give a better answer because he did not know you were not happy with the answer (until now). <<
OK,i m old member of EE.
this way of responsing is not good.because quality of response decrease.
i think it should be a trade off between quality on answer and number of answers.
with terse reponse only increase number of answers.
with this work(unaccepting), experts know that if he  want to earn points in EE.
he should attempt much more(as meikl and geobul and slick and nasman do that work very good).

Since the questioner solved (and has now posted) their own problem, I recommend a PAQ status with points refunded.

I realize this is equivalent to a questioner's petition to close the problem in Community Support, but it is acceptable to me.

thanks for your cooperation! I appreciate it if a solution can be found with everybody happy :-)
PAQed with points refunded (250)

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