What is wrong with this http post script

All i get as a response is ?????????????????????????????????? a whole bunch of question marks

according to my pathetic understanding of this, to get the reply from the server i use
ResultBytes = XMLHTTP.responseBody
response.write ResultBytes
but all i get is the question marks from the fedex server.

     dim xmlhttp
     set xmlhttp = server.Createobject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")
     xmlhttp.Open "POST","https://gatewaybeta.fedex.com:443/GatewayDC",false
  set xmlDoc = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument")
xmlDoc.async = false

XMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Referer","ABC LTD."
XMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Host", "gatewaybeta.fedex.com:443"
XMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Accept","image/gif, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg,text/plain, text/html, */*"
XMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type","image/gif"
XMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Length", Len(xmldoc.xml)

     xmlhttp.send xmldoc.xml
    ResultBytes = XMLHTTP.responseBody
response.write ResultBytes
             Set xmlhttp = nothing
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XMLHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type","image/gif"
xmlhttp.setRequestHeader "Content-Type","text/xml"


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Ricky11Author Commented:
same response.....

this to be exact

My ASP isn't that great, but could it be that the respnse is in unicode?

Gertone (Geert Bormans)Information ArchitectCommented:
Hi Ricky11,
>     ResultBytes = XMLHTTP.responseBody

try ResultBytes = XMLHTTP.responseXML
and threat it as text

my 2cts

Ricky11Author Commented:
tried everthing... talking to fedex now... still doesn't work

anyway will close this...
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