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I have a remote desktop connection to the server at HQ (windows server 2003 r2), and I wish to send the print jobs back to a network printer at my side (the client).  I noticed that printer that is conneted to my computer's LPT1 can be seen in the server's printer and faxes section.  However, network printers that are connected in my LAN cannot be seen.  Is it because the server does not have the printer driver?  Or I have to do some configurations?  Please help.  THanks in advance.
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Hi hoggiee,

rule of thumb with terminal services and rdp is that you need to have printer drivers available for every printer. its a real trick sucker   through the rdp connection to your server, if you use the \\server (or whever the printers are located) do you see them at all? can you ping the printer IP's

hoggieeAuthor Commented:
I noticed that as soon as I am connected to the server via RDP, the server automatically add some printers (older models) in the client's LAN (local and network printers).  However, some other newer model printers could not be seen on the server.  I guess this is because that some printers are just new that the server does not have the printer driver.  If that is the case, how do I manually add the new printers to the server so that clients can direct their print jobs to printers in their LAN?  For you information, both sides have a firewall.  Do I have to open any ports to allow this?  Please advise.  THanks.
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