Unix Basic Commands

Hi Folks,

I have an interview today Unix is a general requirment for the role.
The role is Desktop Support. I told them that i don't have Unix skills but
i could learn the basics when required. I was wondering could someone
send me maybe a list of general admin commands for unix.

Many Many Many thanks,

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ls - List directory contents
cp - Copy files
rm - Remove directory entries
file - Determine file type
find - Walk a file hierarchy
which - Locate a program file in the user's path
whereis - Locate programs
gcc, g++ - GNU project C and C++ Compiler
gdb - The GNU Debugger
less - View the contents of a text file
diff - Find differences between two files
cmp - Compare two files
vi - Text editor
chmod - Change file modes
man - Display the on-line manual pages
mv - Move and rename files
ispell - Interactive spelling checker
biff - Be notified if mail arrives and who it is from
lpr - Print a file
lpq - Show the print queue
ftp - Transfer a file to another Unix system
logout - Quit using the system
pwd - Print working directory name
cd - Change working directory
mkdir - Make directories
rmdir - Remove directories
chmod - Change file modes
passwd - Change your password

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grep    Filter
free     Show memory usage
uname -a Show linux and kernel version
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