Applet permissions, how come it works on my computer when it shouldn't?

I have an applet that connects to a server. It seems that the applet somehow has special permissions when run on my computer, it can connect to a different host than the one it was loaded from. As far as I'm aware this is not supposed to be possible. I have re-installed java and deleted all java.policy files on my system, but the applet keeps connecting. How could this be?
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POssibly since its cert has been accepted and imported
olbionAuthor Commented:
What do I need to do to "uncertify" it?
>> What do I need to do to "uncertify" it?
See Security settings of your browser, certifcate management.
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For IE:
Tools > Internet options > contents > certificates > (select the one used) > delete
For Firefox:
Tools > options > security > display certificates > Your certificates > (select the one used) > delete
For Netscape:
Tools > options > Advanced > Certificates > Manage certificates > Your certificates > (select the one used) > delete
For old Netscape:
Edit > preferences > Privacy&Security > Certificates > Manage certificates > Your certificates > (select the one used) > delete
olbionAuthor Commented:

I checked both IE and Firefox and I don't have any certificate relevant to the site in question.

Any other ideas?
Then the problem may be from java.policy , files
Check which version is used : you may have multiple versions of Java as IE has its own JVM.
olbionAuthor Commented:

I had already deleted all java.policy files, and re-installed various versions of java. I now also deleted the files, but still no difference. Also, it works in both IE and Firefox so it does not seem to be a specific browser issue.
in control panel open up java plugin and go to Certificates Panel and delete certificates
Control Panel > Java > Security > Certificates
olbionAuthor Commented:

I tried that too, but no relevant certificates found there either...
Are you sure that it connects to a different host? Maybe this is just 2 addresses for a same host.
olbionAuthor Commented:

I thought it had to be the same address? Are you saying that it is IP-based? That is, if two hosts point to the same IP, and the applet is loaded from host A, that it then can connect to host B as well?
Yes, I mean something like these.
Although I would call host to the physical machine, so the host is one in this case. And the web addresses are two different ones pointing to the same host. But these are just words. You got my idea.
In fact to be more accurate I think it's possible that you go to one address but in fact this address could be a synonym for other address and in reality the applet is downloaded from this second one and communicates with it.
But this just an assumption.
It's also possible you have host A in the Html page's URL, using an applet hosted on B communicating with B (using frames).
olbionAuthor Commented:
But the weird thing is that it IS working on my computer (on any browser, with any java version) but it IS NOT working on any other persons computer.

You can try it yourselves at Just click on Play. You will most probably get a socket error.
Im not sure but deleting this file could help

C:\Documents and Settings\your username\.keystore

make sure you have checked the "grant permission for signed content" in java control panel
olbionAuthor Commented:

Can't find any file on my system with that name.
The setting is set like you specify.
On which one of the "Play" buttons?
> Can't find any file on my system with that name.

is this applet written by yourself ?
if yes you need to sign the applet in order to be able to make a socket connection to hosts other than applet owner

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olbionAuthor Commented:
WelkinMaze: the one in the box, not the link at the top.

Hoomanv: It is written by me, but:
1. It is compiled on our server at another location.
2. It connects to this server.
3. I did not sign the applet at my computer.

I am an outside user... and now I get it, as I'm writing. It works for me because I have a VPN connection to our server which gives me access to all ports, but they need to be opened for everyone. Of course!

Thanks to everyone that tried to help me with this.
heres the exception that is thrown

getCodeBase called
redrawing boardlayer
Loading Graphics
getCodeBase called
Contacting Server
wanted type is: 1
trying to create socket to at port 7220
wanted type is: 1
IOException at startWhatever:
Starting to read line
Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
Closing connection
Running connection close
Exception in thread "Thread-13" java.lang.NullPointerException
      at StringConnection.close(
      at StringConnectionReader.closeConnection(
      at StringConnectionReader$
      at StringConnection.transmit(
      at StringConnectionReader.transmit(
      at GameServerSession.transmit(
      at ScrabbleClientGameServerSession.<init>(
      at Client.login(
      at Client$
Could not establish a connection to the game server. The most likely reason is that your connection is being rejected by your firewall. Please read the Help.
getCodeBase called
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