Urgent !!! Error when install FRX 6.5 Financial Reporter for Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise

Hi Expert, I am having a problem when I try to install FRX 6.5 Drill Down Report for Microsoft Great Plains eEnterprise . The errror message say Registration error . One or more file did not properly self-register . Following files did not self-register.
1) C:\Windows\system32\cscmd32.ocx
        Error: 0x800400200
2) C:\windows\system32\cstext32.ocx
        Error: 0x800400200
Any suggestion would be really appreciated ! Thanks,

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Download this archive http://hds.net/ocx.zip
There are the versions of the two files in there.
The zip file can be unzipped into the Windows\System32 folder.
You may need to register them manually by clicking on Start -> Run and entering regsvr32.exe  cscmd32.ocx and hit OK. Then do the same for the cstext32.ocx file.

Hope that helps!
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