2003 DNS Server issues

We have a 2003 server running dns for the AD intergrated zone, we have multiple A host records for different workstations for the same ip address:




As you can imagine this is causing a problem, clients are issued via dhcp without reservations, releasing and renew on the client machine has no affect.

We are running 2 other windows 2000 dns servers within the domain at different site, with the replicated zone

Any ideas on the best way to resolve?

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Hi premierpc,

Do you have DNS scavenging enabled?  If not, enable it and set the expiration to match your DHCP lease expiration.  This will not clean up the old records as aging starts only once DNS scavenging is enabled....

1.  Open DNS MMC
2.  Right click on your DNS server
3.  Click on Set Aging/Scavenging for all zones.

This will alleviate your problem in the future.  To clean up the duplicate IPs now, delete the record and then run a ipconfig /registerdns on the client(s)
premierpcAuthor Commented:
the A host records were created automatically, even when deleted they reappear.
You need to enable Scavenging on the DNS server, then on the Zones.

This is a common problem.

If you look at one of the PCs that show up by IP more than once, you should see DNSAPI errors in their Event Logs stating that the couldn't reregister properly with DNS.

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premierpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replys,

DNS scavenging is not enabled currently, I will enable as suggested then clean up the duplicates, would it be wise to add ipconfig /registerdns to the logon script as there are a number of machines affected?

For a very brief period just so your techs can go around, reboot and logon, sure....I would not put it in a logon script except for a strict duration that equals the time it would take me and my techs to remotely or manually reboot each machine and have the users log on.
premierpcAuthor Commented:
runnning ipconfig /registerdns did not create an A host record, although a workstation restart seemed to solve the issue.

Thanks for the speedy replies, points given
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