blue dump error in windows2000 server-inaccessible_boot_device

Hi ..
our windows 2000 server giving blue dump error  showing inaccessible_boot_device ...
server is not booting....
Pls help.

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Boot from server cd
go to recovery console
type in fix /mbr

Or try F8, last know good config

If that doesnt work, you SHOULD have your system drive mirrored, try booting off of that one.
If that doesnt work post back for more options.
JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
1) using first option, we are getting the msg "setup did not find any hard disk drives installed......" while going to recovery console.
2) second option also not worked
3) we dont hv system drive mirrored.

Wht is to be done now?

Is it a SCSI drive?
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JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
ya...its a scsi drive.
when starting the server from the cd you have to press f6 to insatll scsi card drivers, do you have these?
JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
It is Raid5 config in this server. In this case, can we go ahead with SCSI card driver installation?
JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
pls help...

Raid5... how are the drives set up

0-operating system

explain please
I need you to explain how your hard drives are set up, where the data is and where the o/s is.
Hi Joji,

Troubleshooting Stop 0x0000007B or "0x4,0,0,0" Error;en-us;122926&spid=1131&sid=global

When you restart your computer, you may receive one of the following error messages:
STOP: 0x0000007B Inaccessible Boot Device
Setup has encountered a fatal error that prevents it from continuing. Contact your software representative for help. The following status codes will assist them "0x4, 0, 0, 0"
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This problem may occur if one or more of the following conditions exists: • Your computer is infected with a boot sector virus.  
• A device driver required by your boot controller is not configured to start at boot time or is corrupt. If during a WINNT /B installation no mass storage device was detected.  
• A resource conflict exists between the boot controller and another controller in the system or between SCSI devices.  
• Drive translation is not being performed or was changed.  
• The boot volume is corrupt and cannot be mounted by Windows NT.  
• Information in the Windows NT registry about which device drivers load at start up is corrupt.  
• If this error occurred during Windows NT Setup while reading Windows NT Setup floppy disk 2, you may have the Drive Swapping option enabled in your computer BIOS.  
• Using winnt /b as the installation method may present a timing issue for the disk controller. The controller is not given enough time to respond and identify itself and is therefore detected incorrectly or not at all.
• If you run Setup from a bootable SCSI CD-ROM drive, you receive a STOP 7B error message because Setup does not allow you to add a third-party SCSI driver when you boot from the SCSI CD-ROM.

To resolve this problem, use the appropriate method: Please refer to the information on the link provided above.

"STOP 0x0000007B: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE" error message when you use a USB CD-ROM device to install Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000

How to replace the motherboard on a computer that is running Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000;en-us;824125#XSLTH3129121122120121120120

JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
Raid -0 : 2hard disks for OS
Raid-5 :3 Hard disks for data

When you boot the server are there two  O/S chocies?
Pick the second one if there is.  If this dosent work,

Turn off server
take out hard drive  0
put hard drive 1 in place of hard drive 0
boot server
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
Hello Joj
Have you check the HDD if it works and not corrupted ? try to hook it up to another machine and check if it can be read or not..!
JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
I am trying by swaping 0 and 1...But it came upto windows screen and not moving ahead....But system is not hung.
When you have both hard drives in and you boot, does it give you two o/s choices?
Do you have the drivers for your SCSI card?

You are gonna have to get to the recovery console some how.
JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
thanks a workd. that is i removed hard drive 0 and put hard disk 1 in that place. I kept 0 outside.
Now..tell me ...can i resolve the issue with Hard disk 0 and restore?

do a low level format on drive 0 and verify
the remirror the drive
Also the drive may be bad
I would see if its under warranty and return it
If its not I would get a new drive
JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
with the current status without hard disk 0, all the applications are working...
If i d low level format on hard disk 0, wht willppen to my installations...
I have Lotus Domino server in this server....
do i need to reconfugure all these?

pls give me instruction in detail...

Im talking about the old failed drive!
Since the drives were mirrored its the same data on both of the drives.

When you get time,

1. Shutdown the server
2. Remove all working drives, write down where they were in the box
3. Put in failed drive
4. Do a low level formate and verify
5. If drive is good put back all drives
6. Put the newly formatted drive into slot 1
7. Boot server
8. Re-mirror drive;en-us;302969&sd=tech

You should not have to reconfigure anything. Post back if you have any questions.

JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
1) U mean, now i should not touch hard disk 1, which is inserted in place of 0.?
and i need to do low level format of hard  disk 0 later and insert in place of 1, if its good one. is it?
2) if the hard disk 0 is faulty, can i purchase a new one and replace the same?
pls advise....

The good HD that is up and running in your system DO NOT TOUCH!

The bad failed HD is the one to low level format and verify. WHEN YOU DO THE LOW LEVEL TAKE OUT ALL THE OTHER DRIVES FROM THE SYSTEM.

If it is bad call the manufacturer or who ever sold you the drive to see if its under warranty.

If not under warranty buy the same drive from manufacture or a reseller.

Then you can insert the new drive and mirror it.          Get new drive AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!

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JojiJoseph_1975Author Commented:
It was great advise...and our servers are up and running.
Now we will do the rest of the process tomorrow by getting a new HD.
Thanks a lot once again....

Glad I could help. Good luck on the rest of your project.
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