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When I select different controls on a form one at a time the selected property in the properties window changes.  I switched from vb a few months ago and in vb i am used to just going down the list of controls on a form no matter what they are and if i am changing the TabIndex property... that property stays selected.

Now, in C#, when i go through the controls it seems to default to a specific property depending on what type of control it is.  A friend of mine has it set up the old way but he specified his settings as VB settings when he initially installed.

Is there a way I can set it to keep whatever selected property is currently focused to stay there as long as the newly selected control has that property?
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It maybe something to do with keyboard mapping.  Look at Tools|Options|Environment|Keyboard  Mine's set to Visual Basic 6 which was my background.

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collagesAuthor Commented:
Couldn't find it.
Sorry, no idea why you can't.  Maybe you will have to reinstall Visual Studio
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