windows 2003 installation

I am going to migrate from novell netware to windows 2003 server.
The following is the procedure that I installed the windows 2003 Active directory.  I  WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE FOLLoWING PROCEDURE that I done IS RIGHT OR NOT?

1.  I  installed windows 2003 Server (domain-A), then DNS on the same machine and installed Active Directory.
2.  Then I installed another machine windows 2003 (domain-B) , then seconday DNS B and installed Additional Domain Controller.
3.  The primary aim of this server is for file server.  We have 150 user.
4. I created a user name "Richard" in domain-A and this user  shows in domain-B
5.  I created a user name "Steve"   in domain-B and this user shows in domain-A

In the workstation ,i.e client machine I done the following things.

1.  In the primary dns and the secondary dns I put the domain-A and domain-B IP Address.
2.  Joined the workstation to the server.

everything is working properly.

Please let me know the above installtion procedure is proper to join the 150 workstion .

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when you say Domain-A and Domain-B, do you mean Domain Controller-A and Domain Controller-B?  or did you actually create 2 seperate domains with different names?
liji77Author Commented:
I mean Domain-A is the primary domain controller. Host name is "trans" and domain name is "" and the full name is ""

I mean Domain-B is the additonal domain controller. The host name is "DC1" and the full name is ""

Please feel free you need more clarification.

oh.  Then that sounds correct.  As long as Active Directory installed ok and they are both beloing to the same domain, then normally all you have to worry about is replication and it seems like they are replicating fine.  Don't call them Domain-A and Domain-B though.  That suggest two seperate domains.  There is a big difference.

Now you'll just have to make sure that all the clients use the Domain Controllers as DNS servers and only the domain controllers.  Any computer that isn't configured only with domain controllers as DNS servers will not function properly.  Also, each Domain Controller should point to itself as the primary DNS and the other DC as the secondary.

You can run a program called DCDiag on each server to test its health and that should answer alot about the state of your network.

But so far, everything sounds good.
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liji77Author Commented:
Sir, thanks for your vaulable and quick reply.  May God bless you with more knowledge.
So sir, should I start joining all my 150 workstation to my domain controller and DCDiag show every thing is perfect and healthy.

liji77Author Commented:
i connected 5 workstation with user logon script, roaming profile far every thing is working xp workstation's dns is pointed to the primary dns and the secondary dns of the domain controller...logon time is also taking very less..........

may be you thought that  i am doing every step fine and why i am posting questions....i dont know i am fearing the hang of server or windows network while users is authenticated to the network is very critical.
liji77Author Commented:
last 9 years i was worked with novell implementation windows server......getting fear is quite normall...i think
sure.  I understand.  I like that you are being safe.  Glad to hear that the computers are logging in quickly and your servers are healthy.  That is more than most large companys can say.


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