No beeps, black screen on start up

I read some of the past threads on this, but my situation is a bit different I think as I can get it to boot via 'a trick'.

So the other week I installed my new slave HD and all was good.
Then the other day I get Kernal_Data_Inpage_Error blue screen of death
Not sure if that is related to my big problem now of, my PC won't boot up!
I turn on the power button, it whirs, the lights flash on the CD drives, but no beeps and nothing comes on the screen.
I figured out that if I put a CD in the CD drive and bang on the DEL key, I can get to the bios. Once I do that, I save and exit and Windows loads normally.
I did this first yesterday and it said I had an improper CPU setting.  I haven't touched my bios ever so what the heck?  BTW it was at 1150MHz.
I did the CD/DEL trick again today and I never got the the improper CPU setting message.
Once I get into Windows everything seems to work fine.

Any ideas guys?  Motherboard? Processor?
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Try this:
-open case
-remove ram
-put ram back
-disconnect and reconnect psu.

Same thing happened to me few times with various computers. Computer gives no signal to monitor but lights on mobo is flashing and fans are working

Few times CPU and mobo needed to be replaced.

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That message about improper CPU setting is an indication that the BIOS thinks you changed the CPU.  When the CMOS battery goes low, it exhibits the same symptoms, and it also loses your hard disk info, so try replacing the battery.  If everything runs fine after the system is up and running, this is probably the cause.
Don't discard the ever popular power supply. I had a MB telling me the CPU was overclocked and please change my settings..and this was AFTER clearing the CMOS. In fact I would get various results when powering up. After changing the motherboard it turned out the issue was a bad power supply. If you have a spare PC it's pretty easy to check.
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When it gets random-weird, inspect the caps.
I had this problem once on my computer.  I had to replace the motherboard and it worked fine.  But I would first check out this site to make sure its the motherboard  This site is great, the easy to follow charts help diagnose the exact problem.  I used it and it helped me diagnose the problem as the motherboard and quickly fix it.
skeetleyAuthor Commented:
I whipped out the ram, put it back in and haven't had a problem in the week since.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions
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