usernames and passwords on Pix 515E

I’m trying to use usernames and passwords for Pix administrators.  I thought I could create the names and pswds and then use aaa auth LOCAL to use the local database for telnet and console access.  When I try the aaa commands the Pix says they are not valid. Is this configuration possible with the Pix?  If so, could someone give me guidance on this?  We have no server for aaa I just want to set it up like the routers are configured.
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calvinetterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
 (create users):
username joeuser password mysecret
username bobsmith password cisco

  (specify local authentication):
aaa-server LOCAL protocol local              <- case sensitive! type what you see here
aaa authentication telnet console LOCAL  <- case sensitive! type what you see here

JelonetAuthor Commented:
I have already created the usrn's and pswd's. My problem is with the aaa configs.  This may sound silly, but do I need to put 'console' in the config> aaa authentication telnet console LOCAL.
If so, then that is what my problem is.  I was thinking console was for the console port.  I just wanted to create admin accounts for telnet access so my config was> aaa authentication telnet LOCAL.
You need the "console" keyword at the end for PIX 6.3, regardless if you just wanted to use telnet or SSH.  (Keyword "serial" would be for the serial console port).
See below for the syntax of the "aaa authentication" command, PIX 6.3:

JelonetAuthor Commented:
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