OWA 2003 Loading issue.

Hi Experts,

I have researched all the articles on the web about this issue and all the present solutions did not work for me.

I have 1 server with Windows 2003 Server, Exchange 2003 Server and IIS 6.0.

1) OWA Loading screen.
This was working perfectly internaly and externaly, until I changed the "IP Address and Domain Name Restrictions" settings to only allow our internal IP range for the default web site.

When I realized that I blocked access to OWA from the outside, I reversed my settings. Now its stuck on "Loading..." in the content area of OWA.

I have tried re-installing the default web site, let the Exchange system attendent rebuild the virtual directories under IIS and checked permissions left and right.

It still works perfectly ONLY if you are on our internal LAN.
Externally, you can login and just sits there "Loading..."

2) We consistanly get email from the server that say the email was delayed?!

3) How would I setup Excahnge 2003 to be a FULL mail server for 2 seperate email domains?

Thx much,
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Was this the guide you followed for resetting the virtual folders?

Also ensure that you haven't set the restrictions further up - on the parent web site and not just the folders themselves.

For your delay messages see this question:

Exchange 2003 can easily operate for as many domains as you like - you simply need to add the additional domain to Recipient Policy. I usually recommend a separate recipient policy as it gives you control over who gets an email address on the new domain. All users need to have a email address on the default domain, even if it isn't the default email address that goes out on all new email messages.

Goosey1313Author Commented:
Thanks for the response.

1) OWA I was able to get going again.

2) Symptoms are about the same as the other thread, this does happen randomly and infreqently
Also, my DNS is already configured in the same manner as suggested in the thread. So no go on this one.

3) Thanks for this info, I have read things about using SMTP connectors for each domain and other things. It seems like it should be a simple process to accomplish.

Our setup is this: 1 internal 2003 server, Mac & PC users in our office, 2 domain names that we use email with.
Our email server is already setup to use 1 domain, we just need an additional domain added.

So after getting the DNS setup, I should only have to add 1 recipient policy per new domain we want to use email from?

What would the additional setup include? Going into the AD users accounts and adding the new email address? Settings up profiles in Outlook Clients?

For the new domain, it depends on how you want to run it.
You could add it to the default recipient policy. It would then get added to all accounts automatically. You would then have to modify each account that wants to use that domain as their primary.
You could add it as an additional recipient policy. If you didn't set it as a default you would just need to modify each user account that needs to have an email address on the new domain.
Nothing would have to be changed in the Outlook clients, as they are tied to the account, not the email address.

On your email delay messages, unless you can get a pattern, further diagnosis is difficult. If the messages are eventually going out then it could be a simple load problem. For example, the Blackberry servers are notorious for this and most sites who forward to Blackberry (as opposed to have a BES) will see the delay messages, particularly during the peak hours in the US.


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Goosey1313Author Commented:
Thanks Sembee, you've been a great help.

I will try to figure out the delayed messages thing once I can get more information.

Great Job!
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