DFS-R - generating random files without file type

I'm using DFSR to replicate about 250GB worth of data between 3 servers.  I am getting an increasing number of files that are being saved and it's converting the original documents to files similar to this: 96A02C00 with no file extension.  Can anyone give me an idea of what might be causing this?  I know I've seen this before, but can't remember why or how to fix it.  Additionally, these alpha numeric files are unable to be replicated by DFSR due to sharing violation.
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This is being caused by duplicates.  Somehow, replication is duplicating files so they get randomly renamed.

This may help pinpoint it:


EMJTechAuthor Commented:
I see a problem with the above link... it's for server 2000.  I'm using 2003 R2.
Are all your replicas running R2?  The FRS engine is completely different for R2.

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R2 is a must -- plain ol' 2003 SP1 replication is flakey...   I've only got replication (2003 R2) running in a lab environment now, but it has passed every test with flying colors.

Also, how big is your journal size? and is there a chance you're blowing through it?  Default is 4Gig though so you'd have to be doing some serious file alterations over a very slow line to screw that part up.

Also Also, what's in your "Conflict & Delete" folder (it's in the invisible DFS folder at the root of your share point).

Also Also Also, what are you seeing in your event report -- there's a DFS specific report that should be showing you all kinds of information/errors.

Finally, what's your antivirus program -- MS specifies you need a compatible program but doesn't specify what programs are in fact compatible...   though there is a list of compatible AV programs for the old (2000?) replication here:
Oh, duh, i should have remembered this...

You're probably over one of the limits:
(click on "DFS limits" link or just scroll down)

there are a number of limits (name lengths, directory name lengths, number of folders, etc) you need to be aware of & you're probably over them at 250Gig...

Also, somewhere recently, I read that there was a 64Gig limit -- BUT I can't find that info again & it might be a limit from 2000 or pre-R2...    All I can find now is mention of a 1 Terabyte limit for absolute size.

You might be helped by breaking down your rep groups into smaller chunks (and using namespace so your clients don't notice)
Correction to my last post:
is where I got the "64Gig limit" info -- it is indeed for FRS in 2000 -- though it does have some useful info in there for using Robocopy...  

you may want to consider it if you have a lot of archived stuff -- in other words, if 200 gigs never change out of your 250 gig total (ie only 50 gig ever change) then you could use robocopy to significantly reduce the load on dfs...    robocopy would move the 200 gig of never/rarely changeing info once a week or once a month and then dfs would handle the remaining 50gig
EMJTechAuthor Commented:

I think that pretty much all of my stuff is subject to change, so Robocopy isn't really a viable option.  As for the limits, I know that the size limits of a replicated directory for R2 are 2TB.

I'm running Trend Micro OfficeScan 7 which was on the list.  There's alot of stuff in the ConflictandDelete folder I guess because I have alot of changing files.

I haven't been able to discover the USN journal size... any ideas?

Here's an example of the warnings in the event log:

Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      DFSR
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      4304
Date:            5/1/2006
Time:            9:14:53 AM
User:            N/A
Computer:      EMJDC
The DFS Replication service has been repeatedly prevented from replicating a file due to consistent sharing violations encountered on the file. The service failed to stage a file for replication due to a sharing violation.
Additional Information:
File Path: I:\Public\Chatt\PreCon\Projects-Mic\Cross Creek Mall\site photos\Picture 001.zip
Replicated Folder Root: I:\Public
File ID: {4D1B2BEF-EBE4-4601-A393-2FF86240DCFD}-v2083538
Replicated Folder Name: Public
Replicated Folder ID: F0B86D95-090A-46F4-BE48-FC9148F77B59
Replication Group Name: ReplicationGroup1
Replication Group ID: 6C2BE07D-59BA-445C-A419-C1BF78132B58
Member ID: E859EACB-86C7-4149-ADA0-8F6EE0227778

If you can make any sense of it... let me know
hmm...  kind of drawing a blank right now, but I'm actually looking into it myself (as I'll be putting it into production soon & need to know this won't happen to our setup)

1. do you have Mac (or Unix/linux) clients accessing these files (I've had some strange permission issues with mac clients accessing windows shares)
2. are these all excel files by any chance?
3. what hotfixes do you have installed?

Journal Wrap?
This link is only for 2000...   2003 is suppose to be "self healing"...   so you ?might? not need to worry about this...   MS hasn't really done a good job splitting 2000 from 2003 from 2003-R2 in their dfs documentation.

I'll post some more if/when I find useful info...
A lot of replication issues with sharing come from Realtime AV scanning of accessed files.  You may want to excluse the shares from Realtime scanning in your AV software.

EMJTechAuthor Commented:

1) God no... I would shoot anyone bringing a Mac in here:)
2) Yes, I'm fairly certain most of these are either Excel or Word docs
3) Do you want to know all the hotfixes I have on all my dfs root target servers running R2?

As mentioned earlier, my realtime AV is Trend Micro Officescan 7, which Microsoft specifically mentioned does not modify the files to create problems with DFS replication.
EMJTechAuthor Commented:
By the way, I found that the default USN journal size is set to 512MB
Well, I assume you're also watching the MS forums:
http://support.microsoft.com/newsgroups/default.aspx (dig down to servers: dfs)
...also: http://blogs.technet.com/filecab/default.aspx has current dfs info

It seems you're seeing a known issue that MS is (hopefully) working on...    I've posted there, asking for an update on this issue...   So far, no solution...    There are a number of posts from various people regarding this issue...

Office files do seem to be the culprit -- they suspect the autosave feature is probably to blame but that's debatable....

Hopefully,  you/I/anyone will  hear about a work around, hotfix, patch, etc... for this issue sometime soon.
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