Event ID 1003 The terminal service client % has provided an invalid license. Client Using Mac OS/X

I have a client using Mac OS/X trying to connect to Terminal Service via Remote Desktop. The Terminal Server is Windows 2000 with all updates. The client can connect to other Terminal Servers on same network. The Server has Licensing installed. Everytime the client tries to connect it says there was a network issue and that the connection failed and I get Event ID 1003: The terminal service client % has provided an invalid license. from source: termservice. Does anyone have any ideas?
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terminal servbice info on mac os/x is stored in the following directory:  /Users/Shared/Microsoft/RDC Crucial Server Information
The cause of my problem is that remote desktop doesn't set permissions correctly on this directory. So long as the user that originally ran remote desktop is the one running the current session, all is well. But if another user on the machine tries, it doesn't work. The directory "/Users/Shared/Microsoft/" is owned by whichever user first ran remote desktop, and by the group "wheel" On OS X, all users
are a member of the "wheel" group, unless they are explicitly excluded. The problem is that "wheel" doesn't have write permissions in "/Users/Shared/Microsoft/" or any of its



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Solution I gave will work as we tested it many times, but the author has to tell that if he has implemented it or not. If he did then sure it will work!!
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