How to make Windows 2000 Professional a Remote Desktop terminal


I have this question...

In Windows XP, 2003 and 2000 Server we know that we can make these S.O Remote Desktop Terminals ...

In XP and 2003 the Remote Desktop comes by default.. and they can be host if another terminal wants to connect to those S.O.

In Windows 2000 Server we have to install Terminal Services Client to make this S.O avaible to permit connection with remote desktop application...

my question is,, how can I make Windows 2000 Pro to be avaible to be host,.,, and any windows S.O can connect to that Windows 2000 pro with remote desktop...?


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That's not possible with Windows 2000 professional.
You can use a third-party "remote desktop" solution like VNC (, but that requires the respective client to be installed on the guest machine.
Hello Realhawk,

This was discussed (at length!) in this thread:

The result (to save you time and bother), was that you can't make 2000 pro into a Terminal Services server or a Remote Desktop server.  The other solutions offered were (I've checked them out and given you a description):

- GenControl (free)

GenControl is a simple desktop remote control program for Windows 2000 or Windows NT networks. It allows the authorised administrator to remotely control the desktop of another machine over a Windows-based network for any purpose.  It is free to use and has no licencing cost. It requires no additional software to be installed on the target machine. It is packaged as a self contained executable file which can be easily added or removed from a system, requiring no non-standard libraries or other prerequisite components on most business Windows systems.

- GotoMyPC (never used it but seems to be Citrix sponsored)

GoToMyPC is for individuals needing remote access to 1-20 PCs. It's an easy and secure remote-access solution that enables you to conveniently access email, files, programs and network resources from home or the road.  Also supports encryption.

- Radmin

Remote Administrator (Radmin) is the award-winning secure remote control software that enables you to work on a remote computer as if you were sitting in front of it. This program is the ideal remote access solution. You can access the same computer from multiple places and use advanced file transfer, remote shutdown, Telnet, OS-integrated NT security system support and other features. Radmin outperforms all other remote controls in speed, reliability and security!

- VNC (and in it's many flavours)
My favourite is:

I hope this helps,
Steve :)
RealhawkAuthor Commented:
Thanks Steve...

I already used the VNC , GotomyPC an Radmin ...

And GetControl and ultraVNC never use it before...

I was wondering if there an utility that can came with windows 2000 pro resource kit... but neither that..

about all these programs that you made reference... what is the best in security issue and functionality?


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RealhawkAuthor Commented:

in UltraVNC I saw theses files  998691 19461 i386 Source .zip
  tabbed_vncviewer_129.exe  1204224 37288 i386 .exe (32-bit Windows)
  tabbed_vncviewer.exe  1163264 86987 i386 .exe (32-bit Windows)
  tabbed_vncviewer_VS2005.exe  1069056 9457 i386 .exe (32-bit Windows)

I have to download everything?
RealhawkAuthor Commented:

What you think about PCanywhere?

Hi Realhawk

I must be honest here, the only one I've ever used is UltraVNC.  It's pretty secure as can use DSM encryption plugins that are installed by default.

GenControl doesn't appear to have any security or encryption built in, but what can you expect for free?  The other two advertise security as one of their selling points.  Either way, you can always establish an SSH tunnel, then it doesn't matter what remote control application you use.

For your tunneling capabilities you can either use Putty ( or my preferred, STunnel (

As for downloaidng UltraVNC, go the the home page (, on the right hand side, click "Ultr@VNC 1.0.1  Setup".

Steve :)

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Hey, you beat me to reply! - PCAnywhere?  I've used it a few years back to make a direct telephone to telephone connection, but it's a big application and I try to keep my systems lightweight these days.

Steve :)
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