Can't right click to change password for Domain users

Hi All,

We have just migrated from SBS2003 to Windows 2003 Standard.  It's seems to be working fine except I can't see how to change the passwords of domain users.
It's easy enough for a user listed in the user folder (I just right click on it) only two are listed there (new ones added since migration) but the rest are listed under Domain Users in the Security Group. If I click on Members and then the user, I can't right click the user to change the password.  

A user in the User folder has a path of XYZcompany.local/Users while the other users listed have a path of XYZcompany.local/MyBusiness/Users/SBS...
However if I right click on the Users folder and then select find, I can find the user and am able to right click the user and change the password.

Is this right?


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You should be able to move the users anywhere you want.  The path you mention is correct for SBS - and since you upgraded, the OU structure would remain the same.

MikeSieversAuthor Commented:
I just discoverd that under Active Directory User and Computers if I open the XYZcompany.local -> MyBusiness folder -> Users, I can then right the click the user to change the password.

It's ok to be under a different path?

It sounds like this is more of an "organizational" issue than anything.  By default when you add a new user to the domain in Server 2003 they are placed in the Users folder, likewise, computers joined are placed in the computers folder.  These folders are built-in to the OS.  When you migrated from SBS, the migration maintained the integrity of your old structure.  What I would recommend, would be to create an OU for Domain Users and an OU for Domain Computers and move all of the old SBS accounts into these OU's.  That will be a good start, and once it is done you won't even need the My Business Folder, to confuse you.

MikeSieversAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.  I gave credit to the first response that I thought was right.

I guess I should have figured this out on my own.  Sometines I get tunnel vision.

Jandakel2's answer was good too.

Thanks again.

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