How to retrieve a column value in a Typed dataset

A typed dataset datatable has been declared as follows

  Dim x As OrderDataSet.OrderDetailPaymentTermsDataTable = Me.CurrentOrderDS.OrderDetailPaymentTerms

But how do i retrieve column values for the typed dataset

i am using the following syntax:

  ordernumber  = X.Iordernumber

But that just gives me the column name.

Can Anybody help ?

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normally, you access the row by it's index:


[tablename].Rows(i).Item([columnname]) 'gives you the value of that column at that row index


you declare

dim x as new OrderDataSet.OrderDetailPaymentTermsDataTable ' declare x how table of dataset OrderDataSet

now can uses
ordernumber  = X.Iordernumber
anwarmirAuthor Commented:
How can you access a specific row for example row 6 without doing a loop ?
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