Removed server from AD manually but having issues with it....

We did a migration this weekend and could not get one of our DC's to removed AD.  We then went in and manually deleted it out of Active Directory as a domain controller.  

Now, anytime we try to apply security settings to a folder on that machine it can not access the domain.   The only account that can authenticate are those accounts that are domain admins.

How can we clean this up so that it is just another computer on the domain?

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Easy enough.

Run DCPROMO /forceremoval

on the broken DC.

You may need to re-add it as a member server afterwards.

You need to do a metadata cleanup now:

Typically, only those with server operator or higher rights can log into a server.

If this DC (call it DC001) has not been demoted, try at a command prompt:

dcpromo /forceremoval

If it has been demoted, try this:

Unplug network cable.
change its memebership from domain to workgroup.
Log on with local admin account.
reconnect LAN cable.
Join to domain.
Log on with domain admin account.
Set permissions as necessary.


lttechAuthor Commented:
Hey guys...Neither suggestion works.

I can not remove it using DCPROMO because it will not find a server with its account information on it.  I actually ran the metadata cleanup process already to manually take it off of the domain.  But now, it is sitting with AD still installed but broken....I cannot make it a member of a workgroup either because it says it is a domain controller....The actual computer we are having the issue with is Win 2000.
I know that you stated you had already performed a metadata cleanup, but follow these guidelines in their entirety and see if it helps:

It has helped me in the past,

Good Luck,

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