How to get rid of name default display in listbox

I have a listbox named lstShipMethod.  The list box name is displayed in the
list box when I run the VB 6.0 application.  What property do I have to set to get
rid of the name lstShipMethod being displayed in the list box? What do I need
to set the property to.

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i agree this shouldn't be happening, but in design mode you can click on the ... where you can manually build the list, then delete it.  that will make it disappear in design mode, too and should also when running the app.
Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
That sounds a little odd. The name will appear in the list in "Design" mode, but shouldn't appear at runtime unless it has been added intentionally.
swansonplaceAuthor Commented:
Thanks that worked.
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