Drive mapping across PIX VPN tunnel problem

I have two sites, TX and FL.  The PDC is in TX and replicates to FL DC - both Windows 2000 Server.  The sites are connect via a PIX VPN tunnel.
Recently I lost the ability to map drives from workstations on the TX LAN to the server on the FL LAN.  
I can ping both ways from both sides.  I can map drives server-to-server and from FL workstation to Conroe server but not from TX workstation to FL server.  The error message is "\\Server is not accessile. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Network path not found."  This problem is preventing connectivity between sites that has been working fine for about a year.

What can I do to get "browsing rights" back for workstations on the TX side?
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Hi MegaSource,

have you made any changes to the firewall? can you ping the machines via IP & Name

MegaSourceAuthor Commented:
No changes to firewalls recently. Yes, I can ping IP and name.

I was reading some other articles (Cisco PIX VPN problems and LAN issues. Need to move through a VPN SQL and other traffic across shared networks) about PIX mapping across VPN tunnels and saw a comment about PIX firewalls not passing NetBIOS through the tunnel, so Windows browsing across the VPN would not work.  Then another comment (from drev001) indicated that if WINS was working properly, WINS would provide the workstations with the IP necessary to map drives.

Well, I finally figured out that we had a SonicWALL firewall connecting our remote locations a few weeks ago; that one has been disconnected.  Since it allowed NetBIOS browsing, our TX WINS had the FL IP's.  Recently, I cleaned the WINS database and lost those FL IP's.  So, I am guessing that is when the drive mapping quit working.

Finally, I went into TX and FL WINS and set WINS Replication Partner to the opposite site.  When the replication was complete, I was once again able to map drives across the PIX VPN tunnel.
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