Mail relay - must restart SMTP server daily

Hello -

My situation is this:  I have my primary company network, and a server named DMZ-02.  I have an application on DMZ-02 that uses outgoing e-mail, but our firewall is set up not to allow the DMZ to access our main network (only the other way around.)  So, we have the SMTP server for this application DMZ-02 set to an off-site server, named NEPTUNE-02.  This server is set to allow DMZ-02 to use NEPTUNE-02 as a relay (added the address through IIS).  Now, this does work, but it is sporadic and I need to restart the SMTP service about once a day on NEPTUNE-02.  I am guessing it is a local problem on NEPTUNE-02 but am not sure.  Any help would be appreciated.

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what happens that you have to restart the service on neptune?

vectorformAuthor Commented:
I just notice that e-mail stops coming through.  When I restart the service, it takes about 30 seconds to restart, and then the queued e-mail comes through.
Michel SakrCommented:
The service is hanging for some reason there.. SMTP under IIS is not reliable on big flows either schedule a batch file with commands in it to stop and start the mentionned service daily.. or try to optimise the messages flow.. not to burst into the server

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vectorformAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I will accept this solution if it works out ok.  Could you help me in creating this batch file...I am not familiar with creating a timed operation to restart a service.  I would like to do it once every 12 hours.
vectorformAuthor Commented:
I am going to create a scheduled task to run a batch file that stops and starts the service.  If you think this is a bad idea or have a better solution please let me know.  Thanks!
JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityCommented:
Im needing that smtp restart batch file that stops and starts the service.
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