results of rsync script to firewire device when device is not attached

OS X 10.4.5, Powerbook
rsync  version 2.6.0  protocol version 27

I am running a cronjob nightly rsync script to an attached local firewire drive.  The name of the external volume is 'fibonacci'.  The script is:

* 3 * * 1 time rsync -a -b --suffix=# --backup-dir=buMonday /Users/cabenson /Volumes/fibonacci

Things are generally working as expected.  However, if the drive is not attached or mounted for some reason, the script will generate a new directory at the /Volumes/fibonacci location.

I attempt to remove that inadvertently generated directory with

rm -R /Volumes/fibonacci

When I do, I get a lot of 'Directory not empty' errors.  Sometimes  the rm -R process hangs as well.

Is there something unique about the directory tree that rsync is creating in /Volumes (when the ext firewire drive is mistakenly unattached) ?

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Test for the existence of the directory /Volumes/fibonacci first by prefacing the command with
[ -d /Volumes/fibonacci ] && 


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Hi there jesterepsilon

Assuming the directory is always going to be there (because you need it there to mount to), you can test for the mount instead, like so (you'll have to grep for the correct string though - this is just my example):

  mount | grep '/dev/scd0 on /media/rev type udf (rw)'
  if [ $RETVAL -eq 0 ] ; then
    # OK to proceed

Steve :)
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