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Hello,  I am looking into tools which can be used to record and edit functional test scripts for VB.Net applications.  I am currently trying to create a few test scripts using "TestComplete" by AutomatedQA (version 3.012).  So far, I have found this product to be a real bear to make work properly.  Even very basic scripts which I record end up causing multiple errors when I try to play them back.  I don't mind having to edit scripts somewhat to get them to work the way I want, and perhaps it's just a matter of a steep learning curve to use these tools, however it seems like the real basic stuff ought to be more troublefree.  I am interested in other people's experiences using automated testing tools.  Do you think an upgrade to the latest TestComplete version would be beneficial?  Or are there some alternatives I should explore instead?  Does anyone use a tool they think works great and if so is there a demo version available for download?  All advice on this is appreciated.

Thanks, Jeff.
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It's been a few years, but I worked for a shop that was getting serious about it's quality issues.  An automated testing tool was purchased, we tried to use it with results similar to yours.  Quality didn't improved so a new manager was brought in.  He knew that developers make terrible testers and that the tools are sufficiently complex that it required one's full attention. The developers agreed with him.

The manager brought on two testers, a contracter who already knew the testing software and a full time employee who didn't.  The testing newbie sweated bullets to learn the software, even with the help of an experienced person.  Once testing became a smooth running process, the contracter left, the former jr tester became the head tester (as a contractor) and we brought on another jr tester when things got busy again.

Bottom line is that the software got markedly better, the person in the experienced tester position kept leaving for greener pastures.

I wish I could remember the name of the testing software, but too many brain cells have died since then.

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i'm a big advocate of  nUnit (
PowerBidsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses, guys.  I had really hoped for a good number of different opinions, but perhaps what this is telling me is that not that many people are really using automated testing tools?  Anyway, with just the two answers, I figured I'd just split the points between them.

Just an update - I went ahead and downloaded the TestComplete version 4 demo - it seems to work much smoother than the previous version, so I'll probably run with that for awhile.
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