Apache FileUpLoad and BufferedImage?


I am planning to use the apache fileupload tool, to access images posted to a servlet.

The servlet accesses the files using:

List items = upload.parseRequest(req);

   FileItem item = (FileItem) iter.next();

My plan was to create a thumbnail of the orginal image, and this and orginal image.

Could anyone advise if I could possibly create an BufferedImage object or Image object from the item variable above, and then reduce the image size using the bufferedimage?

Thank you
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You can use.
BufferImage bi = ImageIO.read(item.getInputStream());
AntoniRyszardAuthor Commented:
Thanks I'll try this,

Do you think this would work for gif and png images as well?

Could you offer any advise in creating an thumbnails from the orginal.

I thought it would be difficult to make all the thumbnails one size automatically. Perhaps I should take a width, height of the orginal image and determine from this if I should scale down by 50%, 25%.

Scaling can be done a number of ways  
java.awt.geom.AffineTransform  has   scale(double sx,double sy)  
java.awt.Image   has  getScaledInstance(int width,int height,int hints)

I don't which one the experts are using.  What formats ?  jpg ?

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>Do you think this would work for gif and png images as well?
Are you using Java 5 ?  
ImageIO has readers for jpg, png, and gif .  Writers for   jpg and png,  I am not sure about gif. You might have to use Acme.com  package.  
Hopefully we will get some help from experts.  I am not real  expert in Image code.  
AntoniRyszardAuthor Commented:

I am not very use to the Image or AffineTransform classes. I will look into these.

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