What language to use??

I am developing a collaborative environment that will read in applications from other systems using VNC, and they will be all placed onto a 30" display.  The question is I want to be able to annotate 'on top' of VNC'ed windows.  Now there is no interaction between the user of the collaborative environment and the users of the applications.  I just want to basically draw lines, circles, rectangles and text on top of the VNC'ed windows.  What would be the best way to go about this?  We are going to be using either a Linux or Solaris OS.  I have looked into openGL but the more I look into this it seems as if openGL is a little overkill for what I am trying to accomplish?  Any direction would be appreciated?
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If just want to draw some very simple shapes, then why not use a custom library?

As for which language to use: almost any language is feasible. You should use the language that you're most comfortable with though.

Keeping in mind that C/C++ is generally faster for such operations; but for something simple, you shouldn't get much overhead in any language (not even Java!) ;-)
jse2006Author Commented:
Ok, in terms of language we are using C/C++, ... sorry I didn't post that earlier....

My first build is going to consist of the line drawing...(simple shapes)...  later builds may consist of some overlay/underlay of the windows with some transparency, image capture, and image export functions.

First, off would you feel the openGL is overkill???  During my initial research a lot of information that I found pushed me in that direction, to acutually manipulate the framebuffer and combine all of my VNC'ed apps into one buffer and then display it on the screen.  The more I read I was beginning to think, do I really need to do it that way, or can I let the OS/Graphics Card do it's own thing it terms of displaying the windows and actually just write the code to 'draw' ontop of all of the windows.  

When you say custom library...do you have any ideas/websites on where anything like this has been done to give me a decent starting point?

You seems to need a simple 2D API. You can take a look at SDL library (http://www.libsdl.org/index.php). I think it should be a very interesting starting point for you.

Best regards,
Guillaume SEMPE.
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