Errors compiling in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005

i am trying to compile a vc project in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (XP Pro v2002 SP2) and i am getting errors (there's only a few of them) like

-- error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'm_iter'

-- error C2664: 'std::_Vector_iterator<_Ty,_Alloc> std::vector<_Ty>::erase(std::_Vector_iterator<_Ty,_Alloc>)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'CYYSType *' to 'std::_Vector_iterator<_Ty,_Alloc>'

i am not too familiar with the code -- i just launched the vcproj that came with it.  i assume the errors are only due to settings that i haven't adjust accordingly.  or they might be due to the fact that the project is being converted to Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 when i'm launching it.

the project can be downloaded using this url

can somebody please point out what i need to do to get the project to compile properly

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ComCollection.h, line 68:

CollType::iterator m_iter;

Replace with:

typename CollType::iterator m_iter;

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papafloAuthor Commented:
thanks, that eliminated the first error
i still have  a couple though
1. on "atlcom.h", line 5005
            hr = Copy::copy(pelt, &*m_iter);
i get this error
Error      15      error C2664: '_CopyVariant::copy' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'const ATL::CComVariant *' to 'VARIANT *'

2. on "mimebody.cpp", line 824
i get this error
Error      22      error C2664: 'std::_Vector_iterator<_Ty,_Alloc> std::vector<_Ty>::erase(std::_Vector_iterator<_Ty,_Alloc>)' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'CYYSType *' to 'std::_Vector_iterator<_Ty,_Alloc>'

thanks again
papafloAuthor Commented:
hey AlexFM,

i still have a couple of errors as mentioned above -- can you please take a look at those

thanks again
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