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Windows Server 2003 asking for activation again?

This is weird.  One of our customers has three 2003 Standard Edition Servers for about 2 years now.  One of the servers on the domain is all of a sudden requiring activation again.  I went to logon to it this morning and it won't let me log on until I activate it again.  So, I went through the paces just to see what would happen, and all it tells me is that it is unable to activate online.

I suppose that I will have to call microsoft, but does anyone know why this would suddenly happen?  Everything has been fine up to this point.
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I have seen this with servers taht were upgrade from a previous version that was originally an eval, or the initial eval ran out then the server was installed (reinstalled) with a good license...its uncommon but does happen.  And you will have to call M$ to get that working properly.....
Hi quicksilver98,

havent seen it do it by itself with 2003 but xp i have and same as mazaraat said, call MS

were there any hardware changes on the machine? there is a max of 3 changes allowed without reactivating

quicksilver98Author Commented:
What kind of hardware changes would qualify for something like that?  I don't believe there has been any changes since it was installed.  This box has basically been sitting dormant for close to a year.  

What kind of information do I need to call MS?  
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the keycode you are registering, business name & address, and phone # if I remember correctly.
Adding/Changing the NIC is the one that usually is the culprit
We are experiencing this as well, but it occurred after the HD completely filled up and the login screen became blanked out (this is a common problem which we know the fix for).  Unfortunately, we cannot get past the activation stuff since the machine says it must be activated, but when we say YES to activate, it just returns to the washed out login screen.  This is a huge problem for us.

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