Separte a sting and put int variables

I have the following function:

<script language=JavaScript>
  ctrl =;

The "ctrl" value becomes "Equip&Descr=Descr"

I need to separate the string that´s in the "crl" into 2 more variables. I need that it reads "Equip" and put´s it in a variable and then reads "Descr" and put´s it in anther variable. How can I do this ???
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Hi fabyola,

var var1 = ctrl.substring(0, ctrl.indexof("&"));  // <-- should be "Equip"
var var2 = ctrl.substring(ctrl.indexof("=")+1);  // <-- should be "Descr"

Joe P

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Hi fabyola,

Here's another way.  Say you have:

var ctrl = "Equip&Descr=Description";

You can do this:

var v1 = ctrl.split("=");

Now, v1[0]="Equip&Descr", and v1[1]="Description"

Then, you can do this:

var v2 = v1[0].split("&");

Of course, now v2[0]="Equip" and v2[1]="Descr" .

Put it all together and here it is:

var s1=ctrl.split("&")[0];  // <-- should be "Equip"
var s2=ctrl.split("&")[1].split("=")[0];  // <-- should be "Descr"
var s3=ctrl.split("=")[1];  // <-- should be "Description"

Peace and joy.  mvan
Hehe, here's a nasty one:


var ctrl = "Equip&Descr=Description";

//  Next line creates variable named Equip, and sets it = 'Description' !!
eval("var "+ctrl.split("&")[0]+"='"+ctrl.split("=")[1]+"'");
alert("Equip = "+Equip);

//  Next line creates variable named Descr, and sets it = 'Description' !!
eval("var "+ctrl.split("=")[0].split("&")[1]+"='"+ctrl.split("=")[1]+"'");
alert("Descr = "+Descr);


Pro'ly not good programming practice.  ;-)

Peace and joy.  mvan
Ryan ChongBusiness Systems Analyst , ex-Senior Application EngineerCommented:
or you can try this function:

function getParameter ( queryString, parameterName ) {
      //Use like UniqueID = getParameter ( , "uid" );

      // Add "=" to the parameter name (i.e. parameterName=value)
      var parameterName = parameterName + "=";
      if ( queryString.length > 0 ) {
            // Find the beginning of the string
            begin = queryString.indexOf ( parameterName );
            // If the parameter name is not found, skip it, otherwise return the value
            if ( begin != -1 ) {
                  // Add the length (integer) to the beginning
                  begin += parameterName.length;
                  // Multiple parameters are separated by the "&" sign
                  end = queryString.indexOf ( "&" , begin );
                  if ( end == -1 ) {
                        end = queryString.length;
                  // Return the string
                  return unescape ( queryString.substring ( begin, end ) );
            // Return "null" if no parameter has been found
            return "null";

use it like:

alert("Equip = "+getParameter(, "Equip"));
alert("Descr = "+getParameter(, "Descr"));

hope this helps too, cheers
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