how to complete get rid off spyware doctor, and install a fresh copy

any one could point me to the right direction ?

i have an older version which expired, then i tried to install a new one in, which i bought rather then renew it
it kept having the old registered info on, i tried un-installed it and delete all the registry setting i can find, it keep coming back

i tried absolute uninstaller which one thread referred to, but still the same even after reboot
there must be some dll file that it wrote

any idea which one ?
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Hello AoE999,
I hope this helps. :-)
The link I provided above is for removal of Spyware Doctor Net. If you need to uninstall the base version I suggest that
you contact the company directly for removal instructions. You can do so through this link.
AoE999Author Commented:
yes i did, and this company is very bad in support, not sure what kind of english they use, but i can not get some sense out to them

i had a problem where on guard uses cpu process that spike at time every second, they told me that they are aware of it, but never heard back fixing it

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Well if nothing else this is good information concerning that company. I'll continue to search for a solution. :-)
Just a thought. Have you removed all instances of this program from your Startup menu?
You might also have a look here for any references to the program.
Click Start>Run>(type in) msconfig.sys
Locate and select the Startup tab. If you see any references to Spyware Doctor remove it.
AoE999Author Commented:
yup, all gone, i even install their version of registry mechanic to clean out the unless registry setting

seems to me that they have modify a dll in the system file which i have no idea which one
Marc ZCommented:
Try reinstalling the OLD version which expired.  Then uninstall it using it's uninstall program.  Make sure you have stopped it first.
After uninstalling go to the C:\Program Files\Spyware-doctor folder and delete it.  Reboot.  Install the updated version of Spyware doctor with the new registration code. If you have lost your code, you can have them send it to you here.

How much older was the Older Spyware Doctor?  Do you know what version it is?
AoE999Author Commented:
yes, 3.2, they keep moving so fast

the worst thing i find using spyware doctor is my client will not know when to upgrade to the newer one
when you try to update the older version once the new one come, it will give you an error, my client will not know why it does that

Marc ZCommented:
What is the error message?

You know what, when you install the newer version, put it in a different folder then the old one and you should now be able to see the New registration codes.  If this is a client, does he have a shortcut pointing to the old program?  Maybe he is running the old program.  Did you uninstall it before installing the new one.  From their FAQ's 
Note: If you install Spyware Doctor to the same location as your previous version, it will replace your earlier version and retain your existing registration and configuration settings.

AoE999Author Commented:
oh boy, i have another error message

i reload spyware doctor on a pc on renew, and it gave me an error when trying to launch the program

Error while creating the log: class not registered
Marc ZCommented:
You mention "reloading spyware doctor on a pc on renew"
Are you saying, you reinstalled Windows, then Spyware doctor?  If yes, I believe you have to update Windows before installing Spyware Doctor.
They are also up to 3.8 now.
Spyware Doctor Full Version Information
Current Version:      3.8
File Size:      7.02 Mbytes
Operating System:      Designed for Windows
Release Date:      April 3, 2006
Protection Against:      Spyware, Adware, Spyware Trojans, Keyloggers, Identity Theft, Hijackers, Tracking Threats, Rogue Anti-Spyware, Unwanted Software, Phishing, Popups and Bad Websites.

Sounds to me though that you should download and install and run HijackThis.  I've got a feeling, you're already infected.

By the way, is Spyware Doctor any good?  Never used it.  There is always the possibility it's just garbage and it's time to move on to a better program that knows how to update itself without errors.  I see what you mean about their support.  When they have MORE FAQ answers regarding purchasing their software over actual technical support, it certainly raises red flag to me.  That tells me they are more interested in the MONEY then the actual product.  I can't find a support forum from them, just a Contact us form.
AoE999Author Commented:
so far i moved to Webroot, spysweeper, seems to be pretty good
yes spyware doctor was good, it traps everything, at the begning i had an issue with it eating up cpu, it spikes up every 2 seconds, i contact that, i get mikey mouse support
and no answer was given to me, except to re-write the program to the newer version, better yet, program will not know to update the latest defination

when they release the newer version, the older one will update but gives you an error, and when i loaded it on the server, a lot of database program that my clients run get wiped out
no support forum, no phone number
e-mail reply takes long time, and reply with simply dumb answer
like re-basic, un-install, reboot, re install our latest version

like we don't know how to do that before we contact them
for those company who rated it very high should take a deeper look at this
Marc ZCommented:
I've been using Spysweeper for about a month now, seems to work fine for me so far.

Been reading about Spyware doctor and it sounds like it doesn't play well with multiple hard drives and it sounds like it also can lock hard drives, which could also cause problems for the not so technically inclined.
Have you been able to uninstall Spyware Doctor?  If not, then you may have to contact their Customer Support.  Good luck with that one.

In order to disable Spyware Doctor on Startup, please follow the directions below:

   1. Open Spyware Doctor
   2. Click on the 'Settings' button on the left hand panel
   3. Then click on the 'Startup Settings' under 'Pick a Category'
   4. Uncheck the box on the right that says 'Run at Windows Startup'

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AoE999Author Commented:
the point is you want it to run at start up, it protect IE well
yes the program is very clitchy, they made the license so tight under one of the dll in system32
so even if you buy a newer one under different number, it will not let you install it, just keep the last version you bought

i have multiple hard drive, IDE and SCSI i have no problem in the pass on locking up, i am switching to spysweeper
you know sometimes it is good idea to get a fully copy to evaluate then just 30 days or so, you won't know till you buy it and sorry about it after ward

that's how i test CD burner program out back then, get a full legi working copy and if i like it, then i will buy it
Marc ZCommented:
Were you able to fully uninstall Spyware Doctor which is what your original question was?
AoE999Author Commented:
yes, in both cases
i even use their registry mechanic to clean out any left over, plus i go in the registry and delete everything to do with spyware doctor

Marc ZCommented:
If any of the experts assisted you with your questions and answers, please acknowledge and accept an answer or split answer.  See here for assistance.
AoE999Author Commented:
nothing was solved, so how could even accept anything ?
Marc ZCommented:
OK, good luck.

To reset the Spyware Doctor license code, follow the steps show below:

1. Save the following file, ArmAccess.dll into C:\Windows\System32\

2. Save the following file, SpywareDoctorReset.exe to your Desktop

3. If Spyware Doctor is active you will need to fully Shut it down. Right click on the Spyware Doctor system tray icon and select 'Shutdown'

4. Double-click on the SpywareDoctorReset.exe file that was downloaded in step 2.
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