Blackberry vs UTStarcom

Hi there...

I'm caught between a Blackberry 8700r unit or a UTStarcom PPC6700 currently.  They are quite different but offer similar features... so I have some questions..;)

If I go the blackberry route, I will be the only user initially to access our Exchange 2003 server.  Email etc. is critical to me.  If I setup the desktop software, will i be able to use my Blackberry just the same as if I had bought BES?  I have a desktop at my home that has Outlook 2003 on it and I could set it up to be running all the time - just want to make sure it'll offer me the same services.  We use Outlook remotely with RPC over SSL and it works quite well.....

With the UTStarcom unit, it runs Windows Mobile which I understand runs Outlook 2002 Mobile.  If I want to use it to remotely access our Exchange 2003 server will this work or do we need any special software?

the company has decided to pursue Treo 650's and it's been a nasty experience so far with them crashing and not working right...  so I'd like to just buy my own - and there are a lot of different options...

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the ppc6700 Supports push email to your exchange server if not better then blackberry. But sp2 has to be installed on your exchange server.

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kpmasAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info!  Anyone on EE have one of these that they can share their experiences?  My cell provider is bringing out the 6700's very shortly - they already offer Blackberry...

I like the idea of running Windows on a portable device vs a proprietary system... wish they would bring out a linux version.hehee...
Well it depends on who the 6700 is from. I believe that Sprint is the only carrier to offer the Microsoft Push feature pack for the phone.
The battery life on the 6700 doesn't even compare to the BlackBerry. I usually get about a day if not less from the 6700 and can go several days with out charging my blackberry.
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kpmasAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much.... this would be via either Telus or Bell Mobility in Canada....:)
So kpmas, what did you end up doing?  

I am with an office that doesn't have a lot of this stuff. There is one person with a Blackberry and we have just purchased the 6700. (through Telus)  

I am supposed to be the IT person, but this is the first handheld I've ever configured. (never done a BB)  The only thing I can say so far is that the battery life seems to really suck. I've been playing around with it, so I'll have a clue when the boss asks how to use it  :-O  and I think I'm lucky to get a day out of it.  The documentation says that the battery life sometimes improves after a few drains, but I'm not sure.

I really like the slide out keyboard, and the way the screen layout changes when you open it up to use the keyboard, but I have a feeling the boss might get annoyed at the low battery warnings.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
kpmasAuthor Commented:
I ended up going 8700r - sticking with Blackberry mainly because it's the big player and has the best battery life...

Thanks guys!
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