Cannot Summarize a Subreport Summary Field

I have several assemblies that each require multiple components.  I am calculating The extended cost per assembly in a subreport.  The subreport has the cost per component calculated by @costper := QuantityPer*STDCost.  Then I have the footer summing the total cost per assembly as Sum(@costper).  Next I have a calculation of Value Remaining as Sum ({@compCostperAss})*{?Pm-@Balance}.  This last item is being passed from the main report and is calculating what is left.  So that if I have built 5 assemblies but need 10, I am getting the value of the work left.  I am passing it to the main report as a formula in the footer:

Shared NumberVar SubTotal;
Subtotal := Sum ({@compCostperAss})*{?Pm-@Balance};

What I want to do now is show a total sum of this last item in the main report.  In details B I have a supressed field that shows:

Shared NumberVar Subtotal;

But when I try to summarize the field above in the main report it says "This field cannot be summarized."

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You cannot summarize any formula that is calculated during the WhilePrintingRecords step because that's the last step of the report engine.  What you'll want to do is add a variable and calculate your total manually.  Something like this:

Shared NumberVar Subtotal;
Shared NumberVar Grandtotal;
Grandtotal := Grandtotal + Subtotal;

Then you can show the total in the bottom of the report with the Grandtotal variable.
zriveraAuthor Commented:
That did the trick, thanks!
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