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Embedding sound and video and maximizing loading speed

I have an extremely picky client that wants a sound file (I have it in mp3 but can convert it to something else) to play and a video (that is currently 33 MB) to load fast on a 56K modem.  I'm completely cross-eyed over this as I don't know how this is going to happen--and whether they should be streaming files or be downloaded first.  I'm just not sure this can happen--especially with an already graphics-heavy site.

Any ideas on how I could do this?
2 Solutions
can u please explain a little more?
Unless your video is encoded at around 20Kbps, it's not going to stream over a 56K modem connection.  If it's 33MB it will NOT load fast if you have to download first no matter what you do.

For something like this, I would probably use Flash video.  You can and use a video control and import the mp3 into Flash both on the second key frame with a blank first key frame.  Flash swfs only block on loading until they finish the first key frame.  Thus, your page will load quickly because the first frame of Flash will be almost instant.  Then, let Flash handle the streaming of the video (the mp3 will be built into the swf).  You will still need to transcode the video into something no more than 56Kbps if you want it to stream without buffering most of the file.

any thoughts about using quicktime streaming?  I know you can begin playback of the video while the rest of the movie is being bufferred.

Problem is with any stremaing method is that the client may have to install a control on their browser, whether it's flash, real media, windows media, quicktime.  these all require that a plugin be instaled before they will display anything.

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