Cisco CME question: transferring calls to outside lines

Does Cisco CallManager Express support call transfering/conferencing to outside lines (eg hitting transfer and then dialing 9 + area code + number).  I know that this works with CCM but I wasn't sure about Express.

In case it matters, the router in question is a 2811 and all external phone lines are handled with a PRI.  I am getting reports from some users that they get a fast busy when they dial 9 after hitting transfer, and I wanted to find out if CME supported this functionality.  I do have a dial-peer in place to handle outside phone calls that is currently functional.
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sallwineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It does support it, but you may need to specify the phones as dual-line ephones in order for it to work. One thing to test on someone that is having the difficulty is to place a call on hold and then place another call and see if you get the same result (you should because that is basically what CME is doing.) Also can they transfer to an internal number. If they can then I would guess that it is a COR issue.
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