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I have a windows 2000 server that is pretty much dedicated to serving as a backup server, on it is running Veritas backup exec 10. I keep getting jobs that run for a while and then are reported as "canceled" and when I look into the details it says that the job was canceled by user "Recovery". The PC does not have any users by that name and AD users and computers doesn't either. It's just another in a long series of glitchy little things about Veritas backup exec that I have encountered on that machine. Any ideas on user recovery, or better yet why this is happening?
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"recovery" is a module of backup exec that runs briefly to VERIFY that the contents of the backup are written to disk correctly and can be verified.  It is SYSTEM level process with rights = but different than administrator.  You should not try to stop this process, it is essential to verify your backups.  If you have given it changed/restricted permissions, you may never be able to recover any data from a backup set, as it is this permission process that helps in the data restore.  Windows allowe programs to run at the special "system" level not associated with an user, and this is one of them crucial to backup security.  If you have fouled up its permissions, you should remove the product, remove that system "user" then reinstall the product in the default mode, and then make sure you can restore a file from backup, even a trivial file, it is essential that this system level process works right, without it, you are dead in the water.

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BTW you are right, veritas BU exec is riddled with problems, causes 25% of questions in this section of EE.
dwielgoszAuthor Commented:
They (veritas-India) are really good on support though, but it's such a pain-in-the-seat process and they never really get to the core of the problem it seems. They get the app to function again but I never get the question answered about why did it happen. So, are you suggesting uninstalling the entire application and starting over? That's pretty radical although something that I've been tempted to do for awhile.
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Only reinstall if you have to -- like if a recovery is not working properly.  If it is working, and you are only worried about this "recovery" process, just forget about it.  The problem with a veritas install is that it wipes out the catalogs, and you have to re-catalog all the tapes over again, and that is a REAL pain in the neck.  There is a way to copy the catalogs on hard disk to another directory, reinstall, then move them all back again, not everyone has had perfect success with this.  So if it is not giving you fits, leave it be, but do make sure some restores are working.  You know you can restore files to a different directory, right?  So you can always try that to see if the files get back onto a HDD OK.
dwielgoszAuthor Commented:
I did try the restore to an alternate location this AM. Actually to the desktop. It wouldn't open when I clicked on it..some sort of permission statement. I then went into file properties and (surprisingly) was able to add the admin as a user with full rights and then it would open. Are you saying that there's no need for concern about the report that the job was "canceled"? To me that implies incomplete, which would not be a good thing as we both know and I guess that's my real concern (other than being able to open the file).
No, I'm saying the "recovery" system service MUST run, and no, it should NOT be cancelled.  As I said above, it is a permissions issue, this "recovery" user should have system level rights, which is LIKE Admin but not identical, it is a SYSTEM process, not a normal user.  So its permissions have been screwed up.  Call Veritas and ask them exactly WHAT permissions this "recovery" process should have, they are the only ones to know what their software wants.  Then do a restore test, until it works.
dwielgoszAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking so long, but your answer was precisely what I had asked about in my question..and then some. Thanks
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