Cross fading slide show, can this swf be centered inside another swf?

Here is the slideshow:
Images align top left regardless of Flash document size

Here is the FLA:

Here is the slightly larger SWF I'd like to center it in:

The FLA:

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MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Yes, just create an empty move clip in BG. Center the movie clip by making the x and y half of the stage width and stage height.
MontoyaProcess Improvement MgrCommented:
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Or else you can load slideshow2.swf to slideshowBG.swf using loadMovie command.
Put swf files to same folder. Then in the slideshowBG.fla files, first frame put following code.

loadMovie(slideshow2.swf ,1);

Then it will not replace the slideshowBG.swf  file from slideshow2.swf . It will only overlap it. Becuase we are loading it to LEVEL1.

BR Dushan
somnamblstAuthor Commented:
The empty movie clip was the best solution because I was then able to manually place the mc until it was in exactly the right spot. It ended up needing to be placed in the top left corner because the slideshow2.swf has a top left registration.
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