printer "timeout" errors

I have a Canon LaserClass 730i Fax/Printer/Scanner.

I have it connected parallel to a W2K machine and shared to an XP machine.

It is a high volume fax but we also use it as a printer as well.  The problem is that when we are recieving long faxes (15-30 pgs) and then we try to print it will timeout.

I did change the Windows default of 90 seconds to 300, but my question is can I set it to where it will print when the fax has completely been recieved without getting any errors.

What about the settings in Advanced of the printer properties, i.e. - "Spooling...

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I assume you are using a parallel port. In that case, you can increase Window's timeout to 9999 seconds. That ought to be enough.

Unfortunately, there is no way to "set it to where it will print when the fax has completely been recieved". That would imply the fax has to store all print jobs until faxes are finished, and could mean heaps of RAM. As for Windows, the parallel port was intended to be available for printing *now*, not in a couple of hours.

Some external network print servers may allow a timeout value of 0 (no timeout). Some, like the Netgear PS100, don't mention time-outs at all - which may, or may not, mean infinite. If this interests you, I'll see what I can find
If you have an extra hard drive around try adding the hard drive to the 730i, the drive will store job(s) in queue until the 730i is ready to rip. Hope this helps, it is my first entry. I have two 730i's that I am getting to know very well, contract support is awful.
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