How to automatically send a copy of all outgoing emails to another email address in MS Outlook or OE

Hi Experts,
  I have a problem that i need a urgent solution to.  
scenario: 8 computers in a network with a server(windows 2000)  
              No email server, everyone have individual company accounts using outlook express email client.

Objective: I want to be able to get a copy of all outgoing emails from a specific user sent to me(my email address)
There is a employee that is suspected of doing other business not relating to company  therefore we would want that any email this user sends out be copied(BCC) to his supervisor's email address.

I had done this using CC rules in Outlook 2003 but I don't want the user to see that the email has been CC to his supervisor.
If there is a software that could be installed on the user pc to do this please indicate.
Please any help will be appreciated as soon as possible.

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You cannot realistically prevent this from occurring unless you (1) prevent access to the Web (thus not allowing the person access to some form of WebMail (2) put an email server in place whereby all incoming and outgoing emails pass out through the email server, and invoke logging of sessions (3) set the firewall in your router to reject outgoing SMTP sessions from this pc.  Having taken these actions all outgoing emails can be logged on the Email Server.
I forgot to mention: The problem with email clients such as Outlook and Outlook Express is that the user can go in and look at, and change the surveillance settings that you have setup: things like Rules, for instance.  Plus there's not a lot to stop a clever user having a utility which mails out using it's own SMTP engine.  Something like this can easily be knocked up in half an hour in Delphi, for example, and it could be hidden away on their hard drive somewhere.  (hence the need to refuse outbound SMTP from this pc).

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Well, you can share out the user's folder containing the OE .dbx file, and use DBX Viewer to access all his emails remotely, including the sent folder.

However, this is not ethical (so do trying to forward emails to you secretly without user consent).

ernarteyAuthor Commented:
  I have another related question:
 I have a existing windows 2000 Advance server setup as  a DC. This deals with active directory and user/public files.   I have now setup another server ( windows 2000 advance server,  no active directory)   and i want to add it as a member of the first server domain.
I've tried to do it already but i get a 'linkId:5171' error

Any detailed assistance would be greatly appreciated and awarded with more points

I am inclined to think that this is a separate question.
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