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I have 4 Fields on a request form. They are "Assigned To : Date Assigned : Date Due : Date Req Rec'd".

Here is the problem. These fields may or may not be field out when the document is new. There are 6 teams each with a few people doing the assigning. What I am looking for is a way for someone to fill out the Assignment information but not allow the person it is assigned to, to change the information on the form. I was hoping there would be something like a Edit Once command or something for the field. They need to be editable due to someone needs to input that data, but once put on the form, it should not be edited again.

Any help would be great! Thanks
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Hi kali958,
Try two fields, one editable and the other computed for display.  Hide the real one when the value !="", and display the other computed when value=""

AssignedTo's hide when formula:  !AssignedTo ="";
AssignedTo_Display hide-when formula: AssignedTo=""

You can also set the hidewhen to include WHO can edit the fields, and display the computed fields when the condition isn't met.


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In the past, I've also seen a lot of people using controlled access secctions (computed) for such purposes.
In R7 I'd probably use an "input enabled" formula.
Formulas would be simular to marilyng's hide formulas.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
I'd also go for the two-fields solution, but the hide-when needs to be more complicated than just @ThisValue!=""... One refresh (F9) will make the field uneditable on a new document. The condition for the editable field should be something like

    show:= @If(@IsNewDoc; @True;
                    @ThisValue="" & AssignedTo!=@Username);

if AssignedTo is a Names-field (or Authors or Readers).
All good suggestions...:)
kali958Author Commented:
Thanks guys, I knew you would have the answer. I am going to use both the suggestion of having the two fields, but hide when needed but also the 2nd part with the show := .....

Both answer together give me the solution I really needed. Thanks again!!!!
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