Anti-Virus Application for network.

I'm looking for some input for managed anti-virus soft and also anti-spyware.

I have a DC enviroment.
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I have installed spysweeper enterp. about six months ago and we are vary pleased with it. It was hard to work with at first because of poor documentation but with free calls to support it was up and running well after a week. It was baught through Webroot and we went with a download and CDs mailed. As for Antivirus it is the old stand by Norton corp. on its own server. We also use filtering on Exchange and Websence for web stuff.
intellie_exAuthor Commented:
k, i'm looking for some more input on anti-virus, mcafee, norton, any other ones, something in details, and expiriences!
thanks for your info zlito!
norton s very good, but is slightly expensive, a good option is to get a corporate version of 'avg' its quite an inexpensive option and includes a firewall, auto updates each pc each morningwiht no user input, so this is 1 option you can look into
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intellie_exAuthor Commented:
how about mcafee?
intellie_exAuthor Commented:
also, something that will incorp. into exchange server.
First rule of secure client/server AV and SPY detection -- run two separate products, one on server, the rest on workstations.  What one misses, the other gets.  On workstations, suggest McAfee antivirus, and Adaware, these are fairly low profile AV and Spy program.  But on server, run Symantec AV for server, and a server based Spy program -- check your preferneces here.

Then set WS to update AV signatures each week and server to update every day, run server AV at night and WS AV-Spy at 4. pm before user go home.  This strategy is always best to a single product.
We use norman, though not advisable for 98 machines
mcafee's managed antivirus/antispyware is what i use for clients that don't "have a clue", and it's perfect for them. install & forget about it, it takes care of itself, and has a nice web-based interface that you can track it's status on installed clients (last update, last infection, etc...).. runs on pretty much any windows desktop (or server) that has ie 5.5 sp2 or later on it.

of course, additional preventative measures and a little training in safe surfing always helps too. :)
hey i suggest you to use AVAST you might have not heard about it but i assure you that it is awesome

if you dont belive me see the cnet user ratings, AVAST Home edition which is free edition itself rocks but this AVAST SERVER EDition gives you all the needs
Corporate Protection and for small business protection
ALWIL Software (producer of the award winning avast! range of anitvirus products) offers comprehensive solutions for effective virus management over entire corporate networks. These products provide IT staff with rich administrative and reporting capabilities, combined with superior performance and scalability.

Please find out more about the components of the avast! corporate antivirus protection system by clicking on the following chart.

please check the link

please check it out ! dont just ignore man coz software doesnt depend on brand name , i used norton, avg, mcaffee and so but not satisfies but AVAST is great and i use for 2 years no problem. you can view the awards it has won. show me one bad feedback about it and i will give up.

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Sophos.   I love it.  I hated mcafee and norton. Both had huge performance issues on our network and conflicted with our primary business app. They were slow with updates and stuff got through.  But I love Sophos!  Easy to manage, good pricing -- both desktops and servers.  And my laptops autoupdate when they are on the road, too, so they don't come back and connect all infected.    It's worth checking out!
mcafeeasap is *not* the same bloated slow junk they put in a retail box (i'd never recommend that garbage to anyone).

the managed client is lighter weight and runs on just about everything.

painless installation and fully automatic updating.

updates come from either other installed clients on your own network, which saves on bandwidth, or off the internet if necessary.

works on laptops too (gets updates on their own, or off your lan if they hook up to it)

you pretty much install it and forget about it, it takes care of everything.

it is the ideal thing to use if you've got an office full of brain-dead secretaries.. i know, i've lost substantial service income off regular clients after i've put this on their systems. not a single one of them has had to call me in for a virus infection since.
iexamin very antivirus software for client  symmantec is the best  you can use symmantec antivirus  with  kaspersky  internet security 6 or mcafee  antispyware  , panda software are good but they make system slow
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