Symantec Ghost 8.0 does not detect SCSI hard drive

Hello everyone!
I've spent nearly all day at work trying to figure this out, and it 's time to go home.

Here's the specs:

Dell Precision Workstation 530 - latest BIOS (A11)
Integrated Adaptec AIC-7892 SCSI controller (BIOS version 3.10)
Fujitsu 18GB Ultra160 SCSI hard drive (known good)
this system has always booted to this controller and drive

Symptoms:  Symantec Enterprise Ghost 8.0 hangs with only the mouse pointer for about 20-30 seconds before displaying it's splash screen. Once you try to begin an image restore, it comes back with "No disk drives detected (525)"

The Adaptec BIOS clearly finds the disk at ID 0, and gives the specs upon system boot-up.
I have tried adding aspi8u2.sys and aspidisk.sys to my boot disk's config.sys, and the aspi8u2.sys finds the drive, but still no luck in Ghost.
I changed to a different SCSI hard drive, and that did not help.
I disabled the onboard 7892, and installed a 29160 card -- same problem resulted.

If your SCSI controller has a BIOS, and the BIOS options are set to allow boot, and have Int13 options enabled, it was my understanding that this allows DOS and Ghost to be able to see the drive without any extra drivers. I have always been able to use this boot CD with our Precision 330's, 340's and 360's (all 29160 SCSI based) and had no problem using Ghost.

I really need this system back up and running by next week, so any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated!

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It seems that it cannot load the proper SCSI driver, so cannot access to the SCSI harddisk.

Make sure Ghost Boot Wizard copied the correct SCSI driver to the bootup CD/floppy.

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travbeavAuthor Commented:
I do not use the Ghost Boot Wizard.  My boot CD is a "Bart's Network Boot Disk" which maps a drive letter on a file server from which ghost.exe is launched from. This uses the DOS TCP/IP stack.

Bart's network boot disk:

I don't remember there even being an option in the Ghost Boot Wizard for SCSI controllers/drives.....where is this option? By default I do not believe it loads any SCSI controller drivers onto the startup disk.

The aspi8u2.sys is specifically written for the AIC-789x controllers according to Adaptec's readme file.
The Bart boot disk should let you hit F6 while booting to add additional device drivers.
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It doesnt matter, since this is a DOS boot disk it MUST -- i.e. MUST - have a DOS-level sCSI driver loaded to see the drive array.  If you can DL a SCSI driver for DOS, you are in luck, but if not, it is very likely that this version of ghost will not recognize a SCSI boot array, because there is no DOS driver for the array !!

Make sure the driver is loaded in config.sys and/or autoexec.bat.

As the previous guys mention, you'll need to include the SCSI driver either on your Bart PE CD and specify them to load by hitting F6 during Bart PE start up, or have them on floppys. Without this you'll have the same scenario as when you go to install Windows without SCSI drivers, basically Ghost can not see the drives as it doesn't have drivers for the SCSI device.

The link below should take you to Dell's site where you can download the SCSI drivers:



The other thing you have to remember with this is that Dell always require that you keep the file structure for the download exactly the same as it is when it's downloaded. (i.e. you can't just copy the .sys files, you need to copy the entire contents of the download). Otherwise it can't find the drivers.

Hope this helps.
Create a Norton Ghost floppy disk, then do ghost locally. I used to ghost to make backup for my dell precision machines with have scsi drives, and so far no issue with scsi drives at all.

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