Setting up Outlook 2003 to leave a copy of a mail on Exchange Server

A user had problems with his laptop and Outlook 2003 stopped working. I reinstalled Outlook, and setup his exchange server account. When I was finishing the setup, a message poped-up telling me that mails were set to be downloaded to his computer and that if I wanted to keep a copy on the server I should change the settings.
I have looked around, but haven't found how to do so.
Now his Outlook has all his mails, but when accessing via OWA the folders are empty.
He also has two inboxes (and two of all the other default folders) in Outlook. The set that seems to be the older one, shows other folders that do appear in OWA with their correct content, but moving anything from the new folders to the old ones, doesn't replicate with OWA.
Outlook doesn't show the "all folders are up to date" or Connected Outlook icon on the botom right.
How do I fix this?
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Is his mailbox a MAILBOX or a PERSONAL FOLDER?
With Exchange Server, if it is the former all emails are on the server.
When running in Cached Exchange Mode (Mail Setup) a copy is put on the work station.

If his mailbox is a .pst file file -- personal folder  -- it should be changed to a MAILBOX.
Then import the .pst file into the mailbox.
The delivery location is part of the Account settings.

Tools, Email Accounts, <next>. In the lower left corner is delivery location. That should be set to Mailbox, and you should be using cached mode. If it was set to Personal Folders, then change it, find the PST file that was created and import all the content again.

amaderogAuthor Commented:
It is a personal folder.
There is no Mailbox option in   "Tools, Email Accounts, <next>. In the lower left corner is delivery location".
How do I create or setup the Mailbox?

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Has Outlook been configured to Connect to Exchange, not a POP3/IMAP server?

The mailbox isn't created, because it already existing - on the Exchange server.

Your better option might be to delete the original Outlook Profile using the Mail Control Panel applet, then configure it correctly from scratch. Once configured and working correctly, import the pst file back in to the mailbox.
Deleting the Outlook profile doesn't delete any data - so you don't need to worry about the PST file going.


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amaderogAuthor Commented:
Could you detail the "configure it correctly fron scratch" process?

Start the wizard.
Choose Microsoft Exchange server from the choice of account types.
Enter the username and servername as appropriate.
Click "Check Name" to ensure that the information is being received.
Click Next, then finish.

Outlook will start, connected to the mailbox, not a personal folder.
Verify through the accounts setting in Tools, Email Accounts.

amaderogAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon, hope it works correctly this time. The user won't be back with the laptop until next week. I´ll check it then.
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