Good items to sell in an online store

I'm probably not going to do this, but I'm ckecking into it anyway. Do any of you guys know of items that I could build an online store for that I could do an Adwords campaign for and be very profitable at selling? I need hot items, a good demand, and a good Adwords presence.

Thanks a million :)
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Stick to things that provide good value for online customers in terms of

1) Shipping. Nobody will buy goods worth $100 if it costs another $100 to ship. Ergo you should look at items that have a high price compared to their size ... DVDs, Console Games, MP3 Players, anything dowloadable are good examples.

2) Searchability. The best thing about online sales is that you can find things more easily than you can in a traditional store. Stamps, DVDs that kind of thing. Its hard to find what you want in a brick n mortar store.

Also think about storage. You don't want huge warehouses full of stuff so once again, small is good.

Another good tip. Go to eBay and have a look in their 'whats hot' (I think its called - available from the home page). They have a live display of what the most popular search terms are for every subsection of their website. A fantastic bit of research... and its free!

Good luck!

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weikelbobAuthor Commented:
Thank you. Along with good products, I need to find a way to get products at warehouse prices.
" I need to find a way to get products at warehouse prices"
Then you need to bypass the net, as what you find on there, anyone can get for same price, almost all people miss this basic fact, and try to resell something already available to all on the internet!  DUH !!

Try womens products, makeup, vanity, slimming, you name it, if you have good lead, women pay big for it.  It will take you a lot of time/effort to get ahead of the rest, unless you have hot source and different idea, you are stuck with all the rest, trying to resell stuff that anyone can already buy on net, same price as you !!
One tactic is to not even physically handle any products.  You could just 'drop ship' directly from the manufacturer to the customer.  You just need to find a manufacturer that will provide you with volume discounts.  I bought a bird cage off e-bay from some guy doing that.  He never did anything but run the ad on e-bay.

Another approach is to leverage a referral system.  For example, I think Amazon has a referral system where they will pay you some percentage from sales that you refer.  They give you a link with an embedded referral code.  You just get shoppers to click on that link before they buy from Amazon.  So find a product that would sell better if it were marketed more.  Then run an Adwords campaign for it and route the shoppers through your referral link.  If it works well, you just collect cash without doing anything more than running ads.
weikelbobAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, some good ideas
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