Unable to stop MSSQLSERVER!!!

I am unable to stop MSSQLSERVER!!! Please Help!

I was attempting to drop a constraint from a table and got a lock request time out exceeded. I made sure no one was logged into the DB (exept me) and then killed (using kill spid) all of the open connections. I attempted to drop the constraint again with the same result. I thought since no one is connected to the DB I will stop and start SQL using the service manager but MSSQLSERVER changes to "Stopping..." but has yet to stop (1 hr 20 min later).

I am lost on what action to take next. Any help is much appreciated!

   - Marc
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Are you able to reboot?
take a look at the SQL server logs in enterprise manager.  see what's happening.  It could be rolling back your last transaction, if the database was large enough it could take that long.  The logs will give you a percent complete if this is the case.
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
Agree with adwiseman, it sounds like SQL was in the middle of a big update/insert/delete on that db.

>>  I made sure no one was logged into the DB (exept me) and then killed (using kill spid) all of the open connections. <<

A better method is to use ALTER DATABASE:

          ROLLBACK AFTER integer [ SECONDS ]
        | NO_WAIT }

"ROLLBACK AFTER ..." waits that many seconds for processes to finish, then kills them all.
"ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE" doesn't wait.
"NO_WAIT" does the ALTER only if SQL can do it without causing a rollback or wait; otherwise the command fails without waiting.

That probably would not have helped in the current situation but can if connections are being made constantly when you try to KILL.

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MarcGraffAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much for all of your help! ScottPletcher, your solution seems to have worked wonderfully!
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