2003 Terminal Services licensing - is mixed mode possible?

Hi guys,

I'm setting up a win2k3 Server as a TS Application server on a SBS2003 and the initial info I found mentioned you can use both license types on the one server. Great I thought.

After more reading what I've found it that it actually means both license types on the one LICENSE server, not the actual TS.

The implementation I would like is 3 ppl with device CAL's but I wanted 2 user CAL's for 2 guys that roam and use different machines a lot.

Can someone pls clarify whether I'm correct in thinking its per License server rather than per TS?

A quick response would be great so I can cancel one or the other sets of licences that are yet to be paid for.

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I believe that as long as you are compliant with the real numbers and what you have on paper for licenses, you are legal. If you can name the people who have the user CALs, and the computers who have the device CALs, that is what you would need if you ever got audited.

As for the technical limitations, if you put the terminal server into User CAL mode, then it doesn't do anything to count the licenses used. Therefore, it will let an unlimited number of PCs connect, with no temp licenses.
gorlazAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I think I'll go full User mode and make sure we match them up for audit purposes.

Very strange way to do it MS!!
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