Simulated annealing algorithm.

Does anyone have any good and brief source code with documentation about the simulated annealing algorithm?
the ones in the internet are too general. I would prefer something with comments and examples.

I have another question about this alogrithm in the

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The idea of simulated annealing is to search for the minimum of an "energy" function,
by starting at a high "temperature" where transitions are likely even if the raise the energy,
and gradually cooling the temperature so that transitions that raise the energy by a lot become less and less likely.
This tends to search near where the better states have been found, while tending
to prevent the search from getting stuck in a local minimum that is at a lower energy state than its neighboring states but higher than the global minimum.
This is similar to what happens when you slowly cool a crystal to minimze defects that could get frozen in if you cooled it quickly.

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