Seeking Hardware purchase advice..........

I'm looking for a wireless/wired device recommendation.

I have a home wireless challenge.

Please feel free to ask for additional information if you don’t' understand my environment/predicament, etc.

I'm seeking a wall plug device to complement my netgear XE102 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Bridge.  In brief the device does a nice job (of expanding a network over ones electrical outlets .......I've been using it about 30 problems yet that is). It plugs into a router (in my case a D-link 614+ B, wireless broadband router with 1 Wan and 4 LAN ports).

The Netgear device is designed to simply support another Netgear (of course) wireless or wired device also plugged into an electrical outlet in the same home, to expand the network. The problem is that the device (wired) only provides ONE Ethernet port, or in the case of the wireless wall adapter model......none.

Soooooooooo, if a user (non geek........of course), loses wireless connectivity provided by the wireless version.....they have no recourse to reconnect. REMEMBER..........they are "users" not IT people.

Until yours truly arrives.

If the wired version is used......the laptop user can't move around unimpeded, without disconnecting and being learned enough to know how to hopefully successfully connect to the established wireless connection point (the D-link wireless router) downstairs. Yes, yes I know, one can leave both wired and wireless networking connections on in Windows, and if one is using the wired version. Windows will ..........eventually.......find the "wireless" network SSID. But .........again.........this is a "user". Not an IT professional. 5 seconds of no connectivity renders a call to the helpdesk...............ME, and in all honesty. They need to keep working ( sister works from home.)

The environment is the typical home office room, but...........with at least a desktop and laptop station (with a probable printer). So, if the user is "home alone", loses wireless network connectivity, I need them to be able to simply pull out their Ethernet cord and plug in.  

Yes, yes, yes........I know and already have put a switch into the loop. But that has required another wire, another power adapter, etc. I'm trying to keep it cleaner, simpler.

Does anyone have a SPECIFIC product recommendation?

I'd like a SINGLE..........device to plug into another outlet in another part of the house that will provide BOTH wireless and wired connectivity options with at LEAST THREE ETHERNET (USB port would be nice as a bonus.... but not necessasary) Ethernet ports.

The reason......on the occasion when the user (my non geek sister) experiences wireless networking problems, I need her to be able to immediately be able to plug into an Ethernet port and get back online.

Thank you.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAsked:
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Why not just plug into one of the RJ45 ports on the router?  Doesn't the wireless router provide coverage for the entire house?  If it doesn't, must be a very large house.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
The routers on a different floor. Yes, it does, but........when (for what ever reason)......she loses wireless connectivity, she needs (emotionally) to be able to connect. Even if the loss of connectivity is only for minutes. Its just her personality I have to accept.

for some reason this house enables very poor reception. Small rooms, router is in a basement room up against (cable outlet) a ground covered wall.

I've done a lot of testing of signal strength in the house with mulitple signal strength devices trying to increase the strength. Yep, even had the cable (comcast) guy come out. Thinking he would have some costly equipment with him. ...........nope..........he simply used his laptop to test.
You might want to investigate better antennas, or more directional ones.  If she is really concerned about losing connectivity, nothing is going to be better than a wired connection.  She should probably install more wireless access points at strategic locations.
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Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
Yep, tried antennas, etc.

"shes" not concerned about connectivity. I'm concerned about her lack of patience and inability to do the most basic troubleshooting (rebooting).

I agree about a wired connection. Thats why I'm asking for what I'm asking. But she does like/need to move around her home without restriction. Its just if one loses the connection one needs to "know" that one can get reconnected at a specific point.
I think you have one of those "customers" that make unreasonable demands and make a simple solution more complex than it has to be.  But seeing as she's family, I don't know what you can do about that.  No way to run a cat5 up from the basement?
Swapping to a one of the current models of wireless router should greatly expand coverage.  I use Linksys wireless routers and have noticed a significant difference in coverage between wiress B and wireless G (WRT54G) routers and now there are enhanced G and pre-N routers that claim even greater coverage.

Router upgrade may be your easiest and best solution.

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Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
I appreciate all your help folks. I agree on the users needs. But.......what I'm looking for is a product recommendation.  No takers???
There isn't any way to create a wired connection without wires present.  If she can't go to the basement where the wired router is, someone has to run a wire upstairs to a network switch and an access point.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
I'm not trying to create a wired connection without wires.  

Let me state again..................I'm looking for a combination wireless/wired wall plug (electrical outlet) device.
Scott YeahRightGoodGuyAuthor Commented:
I came up with my own solution.  spliting the points for effort.
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