Enabling Native Command Queing on an existing Windows XP Professional Operating System

Can I enable Native Command Queing on my SATAII HD that supports this feature on an existing Windows XP Pro OS? Or do I have to do a clean install and press F6 for a third party driver to enable AHCI? If I can enable NCQ on an existing OS, how?
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You can install 3rd party driver by using the Update Driver button there too.


Go to Device Manager, right click on the device and select Properties. You might have the option to set it there.

Duncan MeyersCommented:
Your hardware needs to support all aspects of native command queueing to get the full benefit. The following articles provide more information:

And this article has all the good oil:

As I understand it, the drive will happily perform NCQ, but to take advantage of it, you need a comaptible controller and applications that use the different I/O architecture.  
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